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Average guy with mortgage, kids, dogs etc.
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Sun 1 May 07:30 AM Mudgee Classic 25 km/hr  
Riders: Lionheart, Pigeon, Pine Tree, The Riddler
Sat 7 May 06:00 AM A big day out in the Saddle OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet
Tue 17 May 06:40 AM ER Last Chance Rhodes with Doc OAFARTG  
Wed 18 May 05:15 AM Flutter OAFATSR  
Riders: Pine Tree, Wilson
Thu 26 May 05:15 AM Fluffer OAFATSR  
Riders: Pine Tree
Sun 5 Jun 07:30 AM Manly & North Head via Allambie OAFATSR  
Riders: Limpet, Victa
Wed 8 Jun 06:45 AM OTP OAFATSR  
Riders: RTG
Wed 8 Jun 04:30 PM OTP Return, departing Sydney Harb. bridge on-ramp OAFATSR  
Sat 11 Jun 07:00 AM 3 Gorges OAFATSR (maybe)  
Mon 13 Jun 07:30 AM La Perouse OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet, Pigeon, Pine Tree, The Riddler, Victa, Wilson
Wed 22 Jun 06:45 AM OTP Oafatsr  
Riders: Lunchie, Victa
Thu 23 Jun 05:15 AM Fluffer placid  
Riders: Wilson
Tue 28 Jun 06:40 AM Rhodes Roubaix Normal  
Riders: Doc, The Riddler
Thu 30 Jun 06:00 PM Beer o'clock at the Greengate one pint per hour  
Riders: Doc, Goggles, Lunchie, Wilson
Thu 30 Jun 06:00 PM Beer o'clock at the Greengate one pint per hour  
Sun 17 Jul 07:30 AM Fluffer to Crows Nest OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet, Oma, Victa
Tue 2 Aug 06:45 AM OTP OAFATSR  
Riders: Lunchie
Wed 3 Aug 06:45 AM OTP OAFATSR  
Sat 13 Aug 07:30 AM Camden OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, Doc, Goggles, Harry, Limpet, Oma, Victa, Wilson
Thu 29 Sep 10:00 AM Sea Otter 2022 Canberra (Mt. Stromlo)  
Riders: Ben
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