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Laurie T
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I twisted my knee playing soccer in 2011 & fell onto a bike shoved beneath me by Turnip. Enjoying the new found adventure and challenge I moved up from Bobbin Head to Tour de Hills, 4 Gorges, Etta
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Giles Stapleton
Barrister, parent, resident of Warrawee, closing in on overweight, eager to enjoy chat, exercise and coffee stops in the sunshine, safely
Lawrence Atkinson
Have always enjoyed cycling. Rode a bike in the 60's and still riding in my 60's.
Pine Tree
Colin Meade
After slogging away on the commute on a custom-built Salsa steel tourer on and off for 10 years, I've upgraded the bike so now riding more often to get my money's worth! Lovin' it.
Graham Leslie
I ride for about 12 hours most weeks. What was I doing with all that time before I got the riding bug? No more gaming, no more TV. I really enjoy cycle commuting (and the challenges and planning that come with it). Long rides on the weekend to new places also rock. My family consists of two adult kids and two young kids in primary school and a wonderful bride.
Gareth Morgan
I need Fresh Air (escape the 'Coughfest' commuting via Sydney Trains). Added value of fitness and disconnecting from technology.
Rod Ellwood
Social character who loves to ride and have a coffee with mates
El Burro
Ben Holgate
Sydney Commuter
Trevor Ratcliff
Husband, father, grandfather, golf and cycling tragic. Riding tempers my natural tendency to be a grumpy old fart. Golf unfortunately increases it. Happy days!
William Smith
I love the outdoors, and cycling is one of the best ways to explore them.
Adrian Atherton
Ride for fitness. Commuting, weekend rides, occasional race / gran Fondo. Was fortunate to be to Le Tour twice (2009 & 2011 - go Cadel!). Walked up Alpe d’Huez to turn five in 2011 with then girlfriend. Proposed shortly after and now we are a family of four who try to stay awake and watch it on TV!
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