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Living the good life and hoping to again soon be bike touring.
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Steve Astin
Originally from the UK, my background is mainly running but cycyle a couple of times a week
Chris Bentley
Like my bike. Like to ride. Crap climber. Recovering from knee reconstruction
Lone Ranger
Garry Brown
Travel, triathlons, family, fun and people fill the non-work space, and it's a small box. I'm working hard to keep in it.
Harry Suhanic
Knee surgeon says "take up cycling". Started out on daughter's rusty mtb, then onto son's 80's "roadie", graduated to a Roubaix. Usually aim for a RR or a Parra Pony. Loving every moment on a bike.
Clive Johnston
Have ridden to school, college and work for 25 years.
No bikes indoors
Martin Pengilly
An enthusiastic runner who's knees said no more running, I now enjoy the hills and beauty of Sydney and surrounds, on and off road. Sadly (for me), all bikes have been banned from inside our house.
Richard  Woo
I started cycling a few years ago with a view to losing a bit of weight. Now ~15kg lighter, hills are a lot easier! Looking to commute into the city more regularly - the ER way.
Paul van Egmond
Paul Van Egmond
Casual rider trying to keep fit. Plan is to do the full XCM XC series next year.
Nick Mowat
I used to be a fat bloke with a desire to get fitter and faster after too many years of smoking and enjoying the company of good food and wine. Now I am a slightly thinner bloke who is a bit fitter and just loves riding. I commute three to four times a week and completed the 2017 Peaks Challenge with 5 and a half minutes to spare! No wasting energy there!
Chris Hare
Mentally scarred as a 6 year-old, riding down steep hill on a bike with no brakes, wearing just swimmers, and bare feet. Only one way to stop - burn through the soles of your feet and crash in a heap at the bottom. Got the rest of the week off school though!
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