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Giant OCR
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Married, 3 grown up children. 30years in Power Station Sales, Construction and business management. Ride to commute and fitness.
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Warren Page
Once upon a time I rode to work but over the years riding has been limited to the weekends.
Anna Pelesikoti
One woman's quest to be able to eat whatever she wants without putting on weight. (Mainly nutella or as I like to call it, dinner).
Hipster Ned
James Wilson
Husband, Father of three girls. passionate mountain biker & gravel enthusiast
Peter Haenke
Casual weekend rider and occasional commuter
Paul Evans
Originally from the UK, married an Aussie, been in Sydney for 20 years, 4 teenage kids, have been a keen runner but taking up cycling more seriously as my 50s approach...
Chris Prax
Enjoy riding on weekends and to the city and back during the week.
James Cardiff
Living the good life and hoping to again soon be bike touring.
Matthew Day
Started commuting Sept 2014 - slowly building up and targeting Three Peaks March 2016
Kylie Edwards
I loved riding my bike as a kid and got into mountain biking as a young adult. I stopped riding my bike for some time when I had children. When my last child was nearly 3 I really desired a physical and mental challenge. I certainly got that with road cycling and I was hooked!
Rainy Day
Louis Peppou
Starting cycling again as recovery from torn knee cartilage in 2006. Joined the B2Bs with Mike, my brother,in early 2007, when there were about 4-5 of them, to commute from Hornsby Heights to Surry Hills (42km). Main route was M2 + Lane Cove River Park, until the M2 was shut. Grew up with the B2Bs (I suggested the name), until I tried, and just failed to do the 3 peaks in March 2012. I've twice looked after Ravi's bike after his 2 spills in Chatswood. Was motivated by my son (Danny The Boy) completing Audax ACE and 3 Peaks this year, and will try again in 2015 with the ACE in 2015. And I am also known as The Horn. Also I was an early pioneer of the back door.
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