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Born in Kograh, raised in the hills. Currently completing a phD at the University of Sydney. Have a wife and two kids, so any truck drivers seeing this, please try not to hit me on the road...
Around The Bay
When: Sun 9 Oct 05:15 AM
Pace:Chain Gang
Riders:Admin, Dasha, Doc, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie, Oma, Paparazzi, Philby, Pine Tree, RTG, Victa

It's back! Your first chance since 2019 to join 10,000 others lapping Port Phillip Bay. Of the multiple ride options, ERs are known to be doing two: the Classic 210km, and a couple of nutters opting for the new 300km option with some added Mornington meanderings including a Portsea NP loop and a pinch up Arthur's Seat. Just so it's not all pancake flat all day....

I'll send out an email with a group discount code to all ERs soon, enabling you to book your desired weekend's accommodation directly with the team Adina hotel. A new location this year, as the old location is winding up in July.