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It's a tough ask, but somebody has to look this good...... The most important thing in cycling is to look the part.

Tuesday on the second best way

As I get ready to jet off to the summer I am reminded that the July Challenge is but a few days away…

Clear the calendar, order those fur lined tights, strap on the plastic friends because every working day in July is your goal, ( tough to be jetting out to the summer knowing you are suffering but them’s the breaks…)

The car park was dark and the captains spot was vacant this morning when I drove in, a balmy 28C in the car, down to a 7C outside, YHC was not sure if his summer acclimatisation strategy was wise, but stepping into the chilled riding shoes and shivering over to chat with Herb it seemed that 7C was more like -7C , hypothermia kicked in…Herb of course having run the Bobbo gorge was cooling down and peeling off a few layers. HTFU pills notwithstanding, YHC was impressed. A rapid accumulation of ERs arriving timed to minimise waiting occurred as the BOF approached from the south, and before too much ado, it was on…whips cracked, whistles blew, bells doing what they do, and YHC wheezed over the first few hills hanging on to the lantern rouge hoping a red light would slow the leaders down at Killara…a mere 15 or so genuflecting along the OTP.

KOM was comprehensively won by Phantom..after a rolling start at the Tindale regroup, he was off and running, YHC chased from a respectful distance, not letting the ghostly one disappear over the horizon, but putting in a PB to do so..the SUP now dry-ish it was an opportunity to step on it more aggressively through the treacherous Ravi swept corners, and thence over the rise to swing up the scaramanga with style and panache…Chapeau to Phantom needed to extinguish the flames emanating from his backside…form he has not seen for a month or two.

An incident to report going through North Sydney, taking the turn into Lavender Street one of our number slid off and thankfully did no damage except to pride and maybe a bruised thigh…factors involved…sneaking past an amber light, turning too fast, applying power in an inclined attitude while going over a negative camber with white line and dew…or he just stuffed up…but a reminder to all to be aware of how things can all go horribly wrong very quickly.

Another triumph for the B&T, breaking in a new waitress, whose trial by ER was passed with flying colours, 15 served with a smile and American accent. The second sitting arrived as the first left, but it was chilly enough to make the office seem like a good option, so few takers of the second cup. Good to see the TSS roll up and report to half the peloton on their various charges currently residing at the shop.

Returns all booked ..TFS invited to wield the whip ( an up day on the market seems to add about 300watts to his legs ) for another flogging home.

Have a great day all


Tuesday ride report

Morning all

In order to ensure some semblance of productivity from our ER Patent Attorney WBA today – who disclosed that his day doesn’t really start work until reading the ride report – I thought I’d get in early with an amatuer effort……

The few drops of rain overnight and damp roads did little to discourage the ER entourage today – we’d amassed around 20 by the time we hit North Sydney. Long gone are the days when we’d only have 4 or 5 on the pedals in such conditions. Great to see so many out – in fact many I only saw for the first time at the B&T. No incidents, accidents etc which in these conditions is an achievement eh Crashant? Thankfully there was no water covering the drains outside Fort Street Public.

B1 started the day on the right note, exclaiming on looking down the line of Coopz frame towards him “ahhh, you’re quite short”. A master of the bleeding obvious is our B1. Coopz response can’t be published here. B1 mumbled something about cable outer length, but by then the damage had been done. One for the judiciary.

Captain clearly tapering for the BEWDIJ (pronounced “bewdy”) challenge – ie Bike Every Working Day In July. We hope his sniffle subsides in good time for the start of this annual event. Punters keen to see Drastique’s approach this year, being the winner in 2011.

Old Spice accused of revving up the 6pm return last night, then heard later complaining the pace was a bit toey. For goodness sake Brownie keep that peloton in order will you pls.

With Phantom in Hingapore we expect some comical musings live from the exec club lounge later in the week.

Great seeing and reading VD’s commentary of his tour. Keep them coming mate.

Our Facebook forum has confirmed the continued existence of our Dominator, rarely seen or heard at this time of year.

Bring back Half. Without his learned views we could easily think Greece’s problems aren’t all that bad.

C.Hippo rumoured to be making a come back next week, which will align nicely with next Tuesday being ER FTOTM Lunch Club – extensive consultation with Sir Lunchalot has resulted in the same venue being suggested as our last outing – all those in favour – the yay’s have it:

Normal return flights tonight – fasten seat belts for the 5.15pm or 6pm.

Have a good one all.

Mark / Satnav

M’on the road again

All quiet up the slopes of Monte Dural as YHC rolled slowly into the Gall Stone Gorge…Perfect conditions for a ride into town, air chilled to perfection, traffic calm, only the odd ute and the ghost of Ernie’s Milkcart making their way through the back blocks. ( All jokes aside once you get out pedalling at that time of day, it is almost a spiritual experience ) ..a balance of breath, effort, working with the landscape, sound of the chain, and wind past the ears…even the ute brigade cannot break through in a fit of smoky rage.

The gorge delivered again as only it can, no matter the temperature going in, climbing out is tropical. Having a new saddle position makes a big difference on the climb, no records broken but some nice new sores developing where the sun don’t shine. Apparently the hip joint and Glutes are the key and I now know where they are…a pain the @r $e.

The bugler was busy last night, keeping the bongo drummer awake..mustering 20 plus on the one true path to call the OFF on the fat of O’barrel.

A staged roll out, thankfully orderly and well managed into the hills of breath. Man Machine interfaces behaving well, banter at half volume, attention to details such as “Car Back” and “Stopping “ being the order of the day. 15 departed Gordon, building to gone 20 by Chatswoo’ and a smart catch by Clive and WBA …Bucky ..where fore art thou…

Only one incident to report…ute ( yeah strange I know ) piled in rudely turning left into Strickland without indicating then barging through again to turn left again without indicating into Chelmsford Ave..missing an accident by a whisker. Rare to see such aggression..but from my vantage point it looked far from unintentional.

Nothing to dwell on though , the pace continued to be at banter speed, which highlights the best reasons to be pedalling in the first place…why would you be on a “silent” train or be jostled on a bus when there are stories to tell and strava segments to attack.

The KOM champ will have to chime in, as YHC was determined to not be up there, seated climbs and listening to planet Bullet…until it was time to lift out of the saddle and raise the heart rate beyond the threshold of pain.

A gentle roll ensued to the B&T , although I did manage to create confusion on the bridge as I chose to use a lay by on the right side of the carriageway short of the road works, it is not really clear where to wait for on coming traffic but as there are bollards everywhere I used what space there was. Derek nearly cleaned up the approaching traffic .

Coffee …well yes, what a turn out , and there were heaps of ERs too.

All set for the return ride, should be another cool one.

Cheers All

A jungle out there

With all the yodelling to the tune of some Lion King refrain, the bongos were drowned out by factor of 10…leaving an annoying catchy little Disney tune doing its thing bouncing around the skull like a scratched record ( yes YHC is old enough to know what that sounds like )

Growling into wakefulness almost before nightfall, and onto the gorge run, nothing was moving through the Dural village, even the drunks were still at the bar…

Chilly but dry, no fog, stars and the open road, perfect conditions for a ride into town. Conditions so perfect that the only traffic I encountered into the gorge were two other cyclists chuffing their way up, and one ninja runner dressed in black carrying no lights running down the hill from Hornsby, only saw him because a ute overtaking me painted him in the headlights, you had to be there.

Much ute traffic heading Hornsby way, but it was chilly enough not to have windows wound down, if I scored any GOTFR tokens they were well contained in the cab of origin.

Noticed a few more cyclists on the highway to Gordon, the left lane now seems a lot clearer which might be because traffic is used to being bailed up behind and choose now to occupy the middle lane..I think the end of the beginning has arrived in the battle, “ the few “ seem to have gained ground.

15 on the pedals gathered for the off, Goose aboard defending ride names against a recasting agent, setting boundaries and leading in the FM style , Poombah was squashed quick smart, ‘nuff said.

A rollicking pace on the BOF, the temperature being incentive to generate some internal heat, not sure if there was a rush on but there was a rush on. In a snap the hills of Breath were behind, and YHC was not in any mood to sprint the Rawhiti bends, but there was a hardy bunch up front giving it a bash. The regroup at Roseville growing the peloton by a few more, so keeping the average up…remember the July challenge is nearly upon us, if you have not got your cool weather clothing ready you will regret it…the “every working day in July” challenge is one not to miss. Drastique has promised to lead from the front on that one defending his championship jersey.

KOM was hotly contested, Comet finding himself in the front of field making an effort to hold back the hoards using Team Sky tactics, commanding the pace along the SUP but alas was attacked on the first slope as Schleck McDaid and BamBam tussled for space, YHC was watching the action amid a scrum and was locked in, DT charging along the outside with a snowballs chance, in the end it would have been a photo finish…

A scattered field regroups atop the col de CrowsNest, and the B&T dash commenced immediately, it is interesting to see how the lead riders put just a little bit extra in to secure their seat at the table first..nudge through lights on the change, shove into the line up the stairs ahead of slower randoms, sprint off the top of the stairs..incremental seconds accumulate to ensure a winning combination…

B&T output has now increased, coffee arrives at a swift pace, often before the order has been given…

News of the Sea to Summit beginning to sound like an ER challenge…gauntlets being tossed already, pick one up at your own risk, but who can resist the moniker of “ the most difficult ride on the continent” …if they added the incentive of a Rapha jersey for all those who complete it would be hands down misere…

Have a good one all,


On the Straight and Narrow OTP

The sparrows were less flatulent today, or I managed to depart the slopes of Monte Dural before they woke, it was blacker than a B&T coffee with a smattering of fog to make things a little more interesting on the New Line rollercoaster. Temperature was a tricky 9C not cold enough to layer up but chilly enough aggravate the lumbago, so I peeled on the winter gear and boiled my way over to the top of Fox Valley. My lack of training seems to be working, as speed across to the Gordon launch point was 2nd fastest meaning I could have used a harder gear and added a little more pain for a little more gain.

The clear skies and mild conditions drew out the crowds today, YHC losing count beyond 11 again. A magnificent effort after Satnav clearly admonished the HMOTN for their poor turnout earlier in dispatches. Rolling out onto the OTP in all their finery, having removed the winter layers were the north shores finest , Herb unleashing his new weapon for the first time in anger, and shouting “it really makes a difference” yes mate does.

The hills of death ( one of the great misnomers of our time ) were conquered with gusto again, pulses of ERs visible snaking over the landscape due to multiple coloured lights and a varied sense of urgency to arrive at coffee.

Plenty of peloton etiquette on show today, shouting out hazards, intentions and just plain shouting…it was great to see. Our 2 abreast policy seems to be holding out well, if you split the lane into dual carriageway, although with a large bunch it is not always possible to maintain a tight formation, I think the RAF would describe ours as “loose” ( and a bloody shambles off the record ) .. Archer St in mind, I think it is safer to use left lane (until forced over by parked cars ) and cross to the right turning lane at the top if then gives the lead foots a chance to roar past until we catch them at the next set of lights.

Tindale saw a standard regroup and avalanche into the dip, ¼ and Schleck already sorting out their podium speeches, and leading the charge into Artarmon park, alas as the path was both moist, sandy and covered in a greeninsh tinge of algae Rob managed to repeat Clint’s exploits on the first tight bend losing his front wheel at walking pace thankfully , bruising more than just his ego. It did not look like a bad fall, but hitting the dirt is never fun. HTMON as he is I think he still managed a good showing on the KOM.

A whiff of coffee climbing up the Burlington dash aka Willoughby Rd seems to fire up the crew as all cohesion seems to be lost as the coffee sprint ( which used to start at the SHB steps ) commenced at about West St…suddenly a 20 strong peloton is shattered into groups of 3 to 5… only brought back to a tight formation in the queue for Vic’s wares.

Just a note to all…vote for Vic on

The 5:15 is reportedly on time and running to schedule, 45 mins before the 6.

Have a great day all..


Inaugural ‘Dragon Fly’ ride report

Hi All

As a relative newbie to ER, I hope it it not presumptuous of me to present a ride report, there being no suitable ER seniors (experience, not age) on the ride….. I have modeled the report on those written by the masters and can only hope I have applied the appropriate level of BS.

As suggested by SatNav, the inaugural ‘Dragon Fly’ wearing ER egg and tomato was run today from Stives to West Head and back again. Conditions were hot and steamy.. hot, humid, whatever, we sweated heaps…It was the hottest (or humid-ess) cycling YHC has had all summer..but its already autumn you say…yes that’s right, but who rides a bike at 2pm in summer!! YHC was joined on the ride by Chris and Sam (naming committee please note lack of suitable pseudonyms), henceforth with referred to as ‘Dragon Riders’ (am I opening myself up for some wise-crack comments here??), and as such abbreviated to “ER-DR”s. All started well in good conditions, traffic was moderate (nothing compared to Miller St on a workday), but still safe, MVR shoulder lanes being what they are… there were expected road-kills, but nothing fresh, and the usual flotsam and jetsam from the surrounding bush interspersed with the occasional car part or tyre.

The run to Terrey Hills was cruisy with YHC leading the charge up the rise to the Thai Restaurant for the last water fill before hurtling down McCarrs Creek Rd. YHC led the way… “follow me I’m right behind you” being a bit of an old woman down the hills, and graciously waved for the ER-DRs to pass and foregoing the embarrassment of being overtaken at top speed. The tarmac to West Head was superb as always – still don’t know which RMS (aka RTA) bureaucrat to thank for that, but sure he/she must have been a cyclist – its undulations taking its toll on young ER-DR Sam (‘young’ because he lowered the average age of the pack to be below 50), with cramps in both legs. Maybe this is the result of his ‘casual’ riding pattern “TNF…..Thursday aNd Fridays” I recall he wrote in one previous post. Hmmm is this a naming opportunity?…may I be so bold (apologies if the answer is “no”).”Mr Casual”. HTFU Sam.

The standard ‘Dragon Fly’ has no rest stop at West Head – we’ve seen that view so many times already – It loops back up the hill (while the legs are still warm) and has the obligatory rest stop at the “LAST TOILET STOP 150m ON RIGHT”. Here we sat among the bush turkeys – boy, are they ugly – and large goanna. All that was lacking was a x-large xx-cold iced coffee on skim with extra ice-cream (full-fat OK)… a coffee flavoured Endura gel had to suffice. The ride back was uneventful, no sign of the tyre-eating pothole that caused my 3 punctures a few weeks ago just before that “nasty little hill” leading into Stives.

The regular ‘Dragon Fly’ runs on Sunday 7:30am to West Head, Akuna Bay, either or both, clockwise, and anti-clockwise. Not all on the same ride! Happy to have a ‘Dragon Fly Larvae’ ride, traveling at Comet speed…I know John (NB. also lacking pseudonym) will also be interested.


Wednesday Ride Report

Morning all

So the first report on the blog on the website….still testing so pls advise thoughts/observations.

The very high humidity this morning did nothing to dampen the spirits of our ever growing band of HMOTN. 8 in the traps at Gordon grew to 13 around the coffee desk at the B&T. DT recalled the days not that long ago when a damp morning would only prise 3 or 4 out of the cot. Nice one lads.

No incidents or accidents to report, partly due to our speed being moderated to within health and safety guidelines. The odd muppet out on the roads dodging, swerving etc – however we rise above such petty actions…..

Great spin home last night via Schleck’s Manly route – many thanks mate for getting us sorted. Unfortunately no Rabbit to be seen. Drastique doing the route on his single speed MTB earnt extra kudos. Watch out for this route getting more regular airing going forward. Departed SHBS 5.30pm and arrived St Ives 7pm. Thanks too for help lads with my flat last night.

Much fuss it seems on the regular outbound route last night with rumours of Clutters taking side streets in order to avoid the Flashboat home. Chippo pleading no knowledge. Inquiry launched.

Rumours difficult to dispel that new boy Colnago Craig has taken the kit and run for the hills – not seen since delivery. Let’s hope he’s not getting cheap copies done in China……

Recruitment really taking off currently – we’ve done up a new welcome email so ensure you grab email addresses when you see folks out on the road.

Departure times assumed to be the 5.15pm Winkie Special and the 6pm TSS Express.

Have a good one all.

Mark / Satnav




Tuesday’s race to office

The alarm and I have finally arrived at a compromise, I set it to go off at a time and it does as it’s told. So 4:30 was announced as 4:30…but YHC was still not amused.

Great darkness…owls hooting….no traffic…all the indications that the rest of the population in Dural had not yet stirred, so it was great time to set out on the second best way.

Heat was still a major factor, steamingly hot, I am sure the temp was somewhere in the mid 20’s but you only felt the humidity when stopped, so with 50 odd kms to the office that was not going to be a problem. A brisk pace set to move swiftly to the bottom of GG, still smarting from being dropped on the weekend I was determined to flog the horses a bit to build up some staying power…but hurtling into the depths of the ravine in full on night with a pair of Ayups vibrating on the handlebars does not encourage one to kick over the pedals to lift the speed into record territory. Arrival was at 5:15 enough time for a quick bite and a drink before Satnav hailed in from the gloom…puncture apparently had slowed him by 5 mins…( he can change the rubber in the dark, and be traveling before the dam thing has finished deflating )

Tapping into the climb, seemed to be a bit faster this morning and then arrival at Bobbo Kalkari by 5:55 meant some time had been trimmed, but being at the Gordon off by 6:32 was confirmation..Strava has a lot to answer for.

The gathering at Gordon was pretty much the full turnout, all that was missing was a brass band to pipe the advance…as it was am FM rolled past on the appointed hour and called it a rolling start …20 odd looking Mamils proceeded to cane the kilometres at a ridiculously
strenuous pace charging the now smooth Werona avenue breaking what I am sure is the 50km limit by some margin.

It was mentioned that this is a special time for ERs…an imminent 3 peaks challenge, training mile tests on Strava,”Pamp your ride” being a slogan we will hear a lot more about…it is hard to not get caught up in all this wild enthusiasm for turning a pedal to the office..but that is the magic of the morning ..turning sedentary old f**ts like myself into a racing greyhound with tickets on himself.

I digress…

KOM was a split affair, the A team ..lead out by Drastic…have yet to report in, the second wave was KOM’d by DT in fine style pulling up the hill at a satisfactory clip, avoiding several bikes, ladies and their dogs, walkers, all the usual mayhem on the SUP…Half podiumed as YHC started getting tunnel vision somewhere up the third blast.

A regroup at the Crows Nest layby…the A team rolling out as the second wave hit the beach…splitting the peloton into groups of 20… ( yeah nearly)

Coffee another triumph for the B&T…Vic had to sit down for a quick rest before filling 20 plus coffee cups, and by the time we had commandeered the outdoor furniture they were nearly all served…round 2 followed after a good half hour of banter…3peaks, Pamp your ride, weekend rides to do, Schleck’s Manly jaunt to work …looking for recruits for the return.

Hard to believe it is only Tuesday…

A normal return run for myself, looking for a 5 bells roll out, Brownies 6pm bus looking to be on schedule…it is always a toss up I know …

Have a great day all

ER Monday Ride report (late edition).


The Mayan Calendar comes to an end on December 21st 2012. Some prophesy this as the end of days; the Bible calls it Armageddon; some as the birth of the Golden Age.

I too have been marking similar auspicious astrological timekeeping. A moment approaches which will create a gaping yawn in the space/time continuum; a tumultuous plunge into the unknown;  a schism of transformation and/or devastation on a scale never before seen or even contemplated by Humankind……… 2 more sleeps………than…………

Bullet gets his license back.

(Please note that Humble Scribe is referring to himself in the 3rd person for the purposes of gravitas.)

To mark the imminent end of the world as we know it, the 6 Riders of the Apocalypse –

  • Satnav
  • Teflon
  • Chippo
  • Goose
  • Andy Schleck
  • Le Bullet

set off in the burning dawn, riding with the ancestral intensity that is their birth right; a pilgrimage following  in the steps of the Odysseus, the Knights Templar, and Cliffie Young……………… the Holy Commute.

Goose tempered the steel of his constitution with a 3 day preparation involving physical self – abuse beyond the tolerances of most men, wining and wassailing himself to the point of collapse, but doing so for the future of our world – thank you Goose.

Teflon showed up twice in one week – proving that lightning does strike twice, moons do turn blue and certain bovine species can grow wings – Teflon, we salute you.

The fear was palpable for Andy Schleck, whose leggings reflected his inner dread by retreating north, revealing ankles with the pallor of one who has stared Destiny in the face  but held firm – Bravo Andy.

Chippo, fearing that his trusty flat bar steed may spook and flee, planned the contingency for the return journey across the River Styx,  through the Gates of Hades on foot – yea, running as Frodo and his trusty manservant Tony “Samwise Gamgee” Rabobbank did across the larva spumed wastelands of Mordor – Gods speed Chippo and Tony.

Satnav took the indigenous approach – smearing his ride in earth and ochre to obscure it from view, thence gliding wraith like southward to Doom or Glory – Hail Satnav.

These 6 Soldiers of Fortune have held true in the aftermath of the Hard Nutters of July, hearts of steel, legs of iron,  minds of porridge.

Brace yourselves, friends, for there is no telling what awaits us. Two more sleeps:

  • I hear the Hounds of Destiny baying at the Gates of Oblivion
  • I hear the clarion trumpets of the Messengers of the Lord
  • I can hear the drums, Fernando.

SHB 6pm, then unleash Hell……

Bullet (Le).

Rhodes: The final frontier

These are the voyages of the Starship, Easy Rider.

Its weekly mission;

  • To explore strange new routes
  • To seek out new coffee stops and new species of fauna
  • To boldly commute where no cyclist has commuted before.

 Star Date 151010

Six Alliance members assembled for Federation briefings in the Kisso Constellation:

  • Commander Spock Phantom
  • First Officer Yuri Satnav
  • Ships Engineer “Scotty” Chippo
  • Ships Doctor “Bones” Bullet
  • Lieutenant TFS Sulu
  • Ensign Richard “Lynskey” Uhura

Transmissions had been intercepted that the Rhomulans were planning a raid on the Bullet System (Federation member) looting, pillaging and generally absconding in a strategic play to secure viewing rights to the wealth of resources on display during the celestial event known as the Aurora Fauna Oculus. The raiding party was headed by non-other than the Evil Rhomulan Warlord – Half Khan, ably abetted by the Dastardly Commander Beebs.

The point of attack was said to be out of the Marshmallow Nebulae.

In the absence of The Captain (on extended furlough) Commander Spock Phantom took the helm;

“Gentlemen, the logical course of action would be to reach the Bullet System before the Rhomulans, commandeer the strategic positions, use the element of surprise to gain the advantage, and negotiate a peaceful treaty.”

Bones Bullet retorted, “And just how do you plan to do that, Pin Ears? The Marshmallow Nebulae is far and away the most direct route. They’ll be there parsecs before us.”

Satnav concurred adding, “Ve vill be a long vay behind and wery much slower, according to ze co-ordinets, Keptin….. excuse me, Kommenda.”

“Then we haven’t a moment to lose,” replied Spock Phantom, “Mr Chippo, prepare for the jump to hyperspace, set thrust to a warp factor of 8.”

“Hoots, toots, och aye the noo, Commander! She’s only just had a service and the new Dilithium Crahnkset  hasne  bin ron in, but I’ll do ma’ best .“ replied Scotty Chippo.

Strapping themselves in for an intergalactic adventure against impossible odds Spock gave the command, “Jump to Hyperspace!”

Bones grumbled, “Of all hair-brained, pin headed, Vulcan ideas……. I wish the Captain was here.”

As the Universe dissolved into an algorithmic equation, the space time continuum prolapsed creating a vortex of pulsating energy that hurtled the Easy Rider through space at mind bending speeds. The Meadowbank Miasma became a vapour of perception, the Concordia Belt slipped seamlessly through view and the Five Dock Black Hole remained just that.

Before you could say “I seem to having a problem with my lifestyle” the Easy Rider was traversing the Lilyfield Asteroid belt. Spock looked at his Parsecometer.

“Mr Chippo, we can still make it. Can you go any faster….”

 “She’s givin me all she’s gort, Commander. Ah canna do eny more. If ah doo shill break ento pieces” cried the desperate Chief Engineer.

“Then divert all power from the shields and re-direct to the main engines! Do it now!”

“Ah dornt know if it’ll werk and it’ll leave us vulnerable to the Rhomulans. Half Khan taekes nor prisoners!” Chippo protested in his thickest Scottish brogue

“That’s an order, Mr Chippo!”

“You’ll kill us all you Logic obsessed Pixie!” Bones Bullet howled.

“We’re almost there. Set water bottles to stun, let’s not start an intergalactic incident unless they fire first.”

The Easy Rider arrived at the Bullet System ahead of the Rhomulans traversing the Western Galaxy in an incredible 60 parsecs to secure the prime viewing positions for occurrence of the Aurora Fauna Oculus.

Half Kahn was indignant in defeat, “Curse you Spock, I will have my revenge. Make mine a latte.”

All’s well, order restored to the Universe.