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Ironman Melbourne

Thanks for all the good luck texts and emails. This Ironman was a test of logistics but all went to plan (well almost).
First look at the swim on saturday looked daunting especially as all the practice swims were cancelled due to high winds and rough seas. Anyway it was warm in, if you could be bothered and didn’t look like any were.
The 4am coaches to the race actually worked well and with Kristen, Dicky and his girls, we enjoyed a warm trip to the race, whilst the rain poured down outside.
With it still dark, amazed they started the pro’s, TV viewing will be tricky. Our start was the usual mess, don’t think Dicky and I got remotely near the start as people began, not sure even a gun went off. Shambles. It also felt about 3 degrees colder than when I swam on thurs.
The swim was a navigational “mare” and the straight 2.6km stretch was into the current and chop. Thought I’d hit the turn-around buoy adjusted course massively only to find it wasn’t. Never saw a single paddler on the whole swim, nuts given with 1500 people, it was probably the busiest ironman swim ever. Anyway reckon after swimming at least 4200m came in near jetty in nice blue water, feeling good.
Dicky saved me on the bike, Saturday he told me to stick a newspaper in my kit bag, “Eddy Merx” special. Worked a treat and kept out a chilly wind. Awesome bike course, shocker for spectators but looking at the sub 5hr times lots enjoyed it.
Freshest I’ve ever felt starting the run. Kristen was still at Frankston so got great boost seeing her as we did bit of a frankston loop. Was running 1km behind the time I was looking for at 20km mark but ok. Then at about 24km we went up a steep hill in Beaumaris and my times went backwards fast from there to the finish. The last few kms into St Kilda I had blokes fully cramped up hobbling past me so assume my jog was a shuffle (just).
Not quite the buzz of Port Mac crossing the line, but nice all the same to hit the tape.
Waiting for your kit wrapped in space blankets not how you want to remember race by, but eventually organizers gave up and said get bikes following day. Nuts !!!!
Monday is always the best day plus seeing Dave and Angus get their Hawaii spots was a highlight after their amazing races. Also knowing Dicky had again conquered another Ironman amazing, just couldn’t get warm enough to be at the finish line for him. Didn’t matter all his girls were there.
Thanks again.

CF Report

Perhaps the best Clutters Flutter yet with apologies to Rob and welcome to Zlatko. It was certainly the quickest according to Strava. How I came out as KOM is a mystery known only to the Strava computers as Clutters comprehensively smashed me over the bridge. I would have said “I am not Quarter – I’m not going to attack up the bridge slope” but he was gone before I could draw breath. The Strava result must be pay back for Clutters taking out the OTP crown in spite of being second off the bridge that day.

Back to the Flutter, a late start due to YHC who was a good 7 minutes late at Snives followed by a quiet run up to Terrey Hills. A dark but safe descent of Akuna with Clutters making an early break. The climb out had Clutters attack with about 1 km to go with the Panache of many a great Tour rider. Unfortunately I couldn’t be the Gerrans to his Nibali so let him go.

A quick run around the beaches with the sun coming up over the ocean and a few regulars who I now recognise out for their morning runs. Unfortunately, no yogis to report at Manly this time around. A big attack on Cluttersberg(TM) at the end of White St put me a disappointing 27th on the Strava leader board but this was followed but a better version of the Clontarf deviation. Parriwi started slowly but kept building and building as Clutters turned from Nibali to Cancellara with Zlatko and I struggling to hang on.

Only CW and OS left at the B&T when we arrived. Both were deep in conversation and continued to be so for the duration of our coffees and subsequent departures. OS admitted that everyone else had left as soon he arrived, maybe something to do with the hole in his knicks, or maybe not. He later betrayed himself by dropping his train ticket, pictures from CW will be posted unless the blackmail funds are left in a brown envelope under the second planter from the left.

Zlatko acquitted himself admirably this morning holding on comfortably to the quickest Flutter yet. It is about time some more of you gave it a go.