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OTP Bugle

The champagne was on ice today as the post Anzac Dawn service commenced…traffic at Dural much reduced due to the “weekend” starting on Wednesday in true Aussie tradition.

I departed the slopes at my usual time but the bike turned left towards Galston by mistake, the clear air, and perfect conditions just too hard  to resist , and being a few minutes behind schedule meant a chaffer was in order to arrive on time .. took it a bit easy down into the gorge, I don’t mind the dark but really would hate to come off in dry conditions with mostly the Ute brigade for company. As it was I managed to climb out faster than usual, and collected only a couple of “GOTFR” trophies from the knuckle draggers.

Rolling through Hornsby it was clear my efforts were not sufficient to make the OTP by the appointed hour, so it was down the Pacific driveway to Chatswoo’ in the hope of making the KOM before the peloton arrived. All plans seemed to be thwarted as traffic lights turned red on my approach, making progress a frustrating stop start affair, eventually found Mowbray rd and headed into the Tinadale dip at terminal velocity..only to have to jam on all ancors at the bottom to let a large black SUV have right of way as the thing did not look or stop. Once onto the SUP fresh bike tracks indicated that the stampede was ahead, again thwarting a plan to be waiting at the top of Scaramanga with the camera. And once more the threshold of pain being breached to make the catch on the second slope, Comet providing a backstop and excuse to turn off the steam.

A pleasant roll through the Burlington sprint, followed by a sedate coast along Millar and then the usual SHB thrash to the B&T, for double shot of the b/s and coffee…noice one.

Returns flights are scheduled to depart at the usual times, no discounts for showing up early but you may enjoy the ride more in the light.

Have a great one all

Gorges Roll Report

Morning All,

Wrap up from yesterday’s roll through the gorges for anyone interested…. 

Woke up to hear the wind whipping around the apartment, and thought i’d better don the arm warmers…  The legs still had some lactic acid from the previous gorges roll on Sunday- but figured that’d work itself out on the spin to Bobbo.

Met up with harry and drastic at 6.35.  Drastic’s first comment “i thought you had a proper bike!!”.  not yet- i’d have to make the ride on the “fake” bike again this morning.  A bit itchy to get going we jumped the gun, without Pete K- but after a reminder from Harry (on his flatbar, with mudguards and sand shoes), doubled back to the highway to collect Pete (on the Avanti with shiny new drivetrain), who was really only 15 seconds late.  Down to the vets to meet Doc (Alex H) and Schleck.  6.45 came and went- no Fahsl but we had to move on. 

Conditions were good for the descent, nice and clear, crisp, but a bit windy.  Much better than the fog and mist which blanketed us on Sunday morning.  First PR collected for me on the descent, although I was ripped apart by everyone else on the descent.  Time for the first “climb”.  More like a 10 minute bout of wrestling.  I wrangled the bike to the top (taking 19 seconds off my previous best) to then wait for the others.  Cadence was hovering around the 50 mark all the way up

Enroute to kalkari- we saw the remains of a bad crash.  Someone decided to shave their face on the aspahlt.  Ambos and coppers passed by to assist.  We’re not sure exactly what happened- crossed wheels- front tyre blowout maybe???  the guy was moving- didnt seem to have any neck/back problems- but had spilled a lot of blood on the road.  Not a good way to start the day.

After 5-7 minutes of waiting for Schleck- Drastique and Doc decided to go check everything was okay- as this was quite UnSchleck like.  Anyways- no sign of him.  A message came up from a passing group to “tell drastique and bambam that Schleck had a mechanical and was limping home”.  I phoned in to drastique who still couldn’t locate Schleck, so they came back up bobbo to meet us.  It ended up being a 35 minute wait- 8.4 degrees my garmin told me, and with a 30KPH south westerly we were freezing.  I didnt really get warm again until the Galston climb.  Schleck i think it’s time to get some shimano or Sram gear…

Doc had to turn back at the bobbo west gates for family duties.  The galston east descent was good also- another PR.  Corners were dry, and dropping in behind Harry and Pete meant i could get some good drafting and not have to pedal too much to keep the speed up.

After getting to top of Galston- drastique floated the idea of a future ride- the 4 gorges of galston (East./West/Crosslands and other side of crosslands).  Sounded tempting until Pete K gave notice that Crosslands hits between 20-24% at the bottom.  Not much chance of building cadence and momentum- so i may have to wait til i have gears before attempting that one.  Drastique then turned back to round out 4 gorges (2 BH West and galston E/W) as he also had to get back to attend to a wife provided list of duties.  From what could have been a peloton of 7, we’d been stripped down to 3.

We worked together pretty well over to the ferry, steady climb out of berowra waters, and up onto the highway.  The wind never really seemed to push us along.  More like swirling gusts which were either across us, or coming straight at us.  Pete then took the highway to turra as Harry and I took on the last gorge. 

Bumped into Phantom and Collette luckily who had a table and some spare seats at the bakery.  The bakery didn’t know what to do with themselves as everything else was closed, there was a line out the door and they just couldn’t take the money or make the coffees quick enough.  Acouple of coffee hits and it was time to get home ready for the ANZAC day traditions.  Pete K rounded out his trip by taking on BH west again.

Cheers for the ride all who came and went and assisted me to some more PR’s etc.

taking ideas for Sunday- but considering an Akuna West head or maybe gorges again….  who knows



Ride Report – Roseville, St Ives, Newport, Palm Beach, Bilgola, Church Point, Rosevill

Finding balance between work and play is difficult in our modern world but in cycling I think I have found something that can tick nearly all the boxes ! Perhaps after the first best thing to do in the morning ?

Spinning alongside the northern beaches this morning with Michael, Dragon and the Captain I contemplated what is it that makes a good ride ?

For me it starts with the anticipation, the weather forecast looked promising, the bike has been singing along without a clunk and the distance to be covered and the speed of the group you plan to ride along with is not playing on your mind. The company is of course important as you soak up the fine views and indulge in a great coffee at a cafe, talking anything but work. New acquaintances are made and established one’s strengthened.

On this ride, new vistas and places were introduced with a wave of the arm above the roar of the near constant headwind but it wasn’t all sedate – a couple of Hail Mary’s and then we were off down the thrilling Mona Vale Road descent (no speed camera’s luckily !). We could indulge in the moment knowing everything at home could wait for at least a couple of hours ! Bring on those endorphins and smiles.

I’d like to tell you how far our ride was – and I could probably cheat using the Interweb – but I bailed out in Bilgola to do the boardwalk with Suzanne and the kids and returned by car. Suffice to say, this is a great outing for ER’s quick and slow – there is a reason why the Insular Peninsula is regarded so highly by those lucky enough to call it home.

Special thanks go to Michael for fixing my brakes, Dragon for the tools, tips and shelter and Captain for my new (old) ER’s shirt – look out for it tomorrow (clearly my Bogan look has gone on too long !). And I think we’ll leave the boardies at home next time …….. or maybe it was just too early for wolf-whistles?
Safe cycling,

Boardshort Run


Friday Manly Men

The BOM was spot on, what else did we really expect, an overcast and
foggy morning that was DRY!!!

A staggered start at the blocks, the initial groupetto comprising of
Bam, Drastic, Admin, Harry and YHC ready for the off at 6.30am. Satnav
had alreadt texted a no show – you were up at 5.30am mate so you
should have just kept going – so we gave it 2 mins for stragglers
before turning the pedals.

Bam Bam off to his usual single speed start – fast – and Mona Vale was
being eaten up. Vague sounds of Drastic calling for an ‘ease up’ but
at the gate there was talk of him wanting a recovery spin prior to
Bathurst Hill Climbing Champs Saturday and Blayney to Bathurst on
Sunday but it was Drastic afterall so that was ignored. After more
vigorous shouting we realised that Michael had just reached the start
as we had left and was trying to bridge the gap!

Bam Bam did eventually ease up, but unfortunatley completely,
puncturing after the Show Ground Berg which gave both Michael and the
running Zlatko the chance to hop on before we were back on the pedals.

A foggy and incident free roll through Forest Way to Allambie, ride
master Drastic forewarning the newbies of the sharp left – right- stop
the end and Bam Bam forewarning them not to follow Drastic as he has a
tendency to get lost on Allambie. A perfect descent marred by a slow
moving station wagon but at the bottom were we greeted by the sun and
all was forgiven, we were at the beach.

The full cycle path variation this morning, including the loop through
the park and the underpass – as we cleared the Surf Club we were
greeted by one of the world’s best views – no not my backside, Manly
Beach, Sun, Waves, Sand and scantily clad beach folk for all
(diversity is to be celebrated).

Drastic led us along the Clutters Manly Exit, straight up a wall but
much quieter than Sydney Street, and then through the Spit and Mosman.
No traffic to be seen in the suburbs of the rich & famous, suburban
cycling at its best and finally finished with the heart starter over
the bridge to catch the OTP convoy leaving the B&T.

A cracking start to a sunny Friday, departures for the GG suggested
from 4pm onwards – I will be hoping to catch the 5.15 SHBS.


Wednesday Ride Report

Comrades of the Pedal

Last night i was foolish enough to describe the ride home in Strava as ‘The Big Wet’.  Foolish, for as quick as a Flash, Gerhard Falsh of the North Sydney Polytechnical Institute of Linguistics slapped me down and suggested that no, the weather home that night had been ‘tortential’. What could this brilliant Neologistic contrivance be signifying? – torrential but with potential for worse? Exponentially tortuous – so that the farther one rode, the worse it became?  No matter, as I feel certain that this mornings weather conformed to the Falsh’s definition of ‘tortential’ – it was peeing it down.  I know this because on morning’s such as this Madame Half races down the stairs before i exit, nostrils flaring, to declare “you cannot be serious…?”.  Oh yes, Madame Half, I can – we can.  we have imbibed Rule #9 – we know that other “Baddasses” will be present and thus “We Ride”.

well it was all a bit of an anti-climax getting out there.  after the deluge of 6.25ish, the weather seemed to have settled – so much so that Gillet was selected over rain jacket for the mornings spin.  this was merely one misjudgement amongst a number on this rainy morn.  Heading towards Treatts Road the once proud ER peloton passed me hurtling down Lindfield Ave – i spied the Stealth, Schleck, B1, Bammers, Chippo, be-sandaled in a hopeless act of contrarian defiance against the weather, and an unfamiliar figure from around these parts, who apparently goes by the name Satnav. and that’s about it.

Lindfield: nice and dry.  Couple of drops at Roseville whereupon we picked up WBA. Deluge by Boundary Street – Tortential indeed.  Chippo’s smile, turned to the kind of maniacal grin that only a velominati follower can muster. From there to Scaramanga we gingerly made our way past assorted muggles, jogging, walking.  KOM was the kind of non-event to be recommended on days such as these – i feel certain there was a contest as by naremburn 1/4 had joined the fray.  No idea what happened, as i was proud holder of the Lantern Rouge a l’arriere du peloton.

on up onto West Street – hiss, pop Satnav throws his now customary snake bite.  Must have shares in Conti Tyres mate.  Fortunately for all concerned, the incident occurred roughly adjacent to the Lingerie Shop which invited passers by to “lay by” for a look or otherwise oggle the assorted items on display. for once the puncture fixing routine seemed to be faster than usual and it was clearly with some regret that the peloton moved off to catch up with the forward group that was already installed at B+T

No dramas thru North Sydney, over the bridge and onto terra firma by the observatory – whereupon a puddle of Lake Eyre proportions confronted us.  WBA thought he spied safe passage onto the pavement.  His conviction that a nice little ramp would see him clear was unfortunately unfounded.  In tune with the spirit of the “Roubaix” monikered item he was riding, WBA undertook a spectacular double somersault with a 3.2 difficulty. Bike went over backside and ignominy was complete  as WBA swapped Rapha jacket for swimming trunks sitting in the middle of the offending puddle.  Cameras unfortunately not forthcoming to capture the action. Pride a lot worse dented than knee i believe.

B+T news – Satnav had an interesting story about how he came to acquire 4 or was it 5 steel frames whilst on hols in Melbourne.  Fortunately members of the Royal Victorian Constabulary were not present to hear some cock and bull story about being given leave to jump over some poor blokes fence in an act of mercy to acquire said frames.  if anyone reads about missing Colnago masters, Pinarellos etc. down south you didn’t hear it here first.

the weather promises to be tortential for the ride home.  I’m aiming at a 5.15.  Brings your paddles, snorkels and swimming trunks.

hasta la vista


Wet behind the ears on the OTP

YHC is staring down a tortuous path towards being fit enough to attack and conquer the Etape du Tour, so it is becoming clear some actual pedalling has to take place, not a reduced “recovery” from the 3 peaks…but some real ball chaffing effort which TSS has neatly set out on “the spreadsheet”.  Looking into the radar scope this morning and seeing a clear sky with the odd purple patch to the south and east, it was “on”…rain jacket to hand..but “on”

Driving over to Gordon…a light refreshing shower blowing in from the south…and strapping  on the all the gear in the car park while the HMOTN rolled up for the second best way. The mood was rather grim, but that was just me, the rest were all chomping on the bit to get into ride…Bullet(le) , RTG, Phantom, Chris, Jim,Stealth, Schleck, Falsh, Admin, YHC , ( there were a couple more but fading memory is just one of my many failings)  rolled out on a slightly early call…not wanting to stand around in the rain, and so onto the one true path.

Every morning there is a car dropping off kids at the pedestrian crossing and this morning was no exception, having just rolled out and then slamming on the brakes to avoid this hazard reminds one that white lines and metal grates are not to be messed with when covered in a mil or two of the wet stuff. The brakes feeling a little less effective too…but then YHC avoids these conditions when common sense takes hold.

Over the hills of death down the Col de Lindfield conditions improved which made for near perfect pedal commuting, an easy pace, plenty of banter, cool but pleasant under all the plastic wrapping, and keeping up with Schleck who was resplendent as usual in the full Rapha regalia.

Regroups were brief and punctuated by RTG shouting for a rolling start as he swept past, Lantern Rouge usually being the hindmost but today he was happy to ride amidships..the lights along Archer being quite kind this morning meant no delays to worry about and RTG got a running start at the KOM…1/4 of course and Schleck barging to the front looking for a jersey, conditions not being ideal for a stouch. KOM from my perspective started after they had finished, but I am now building capability by seated climb and big ringing it, I will be a contender I tell myself ..but not today.

Meanwhile storm clouds were gathering….

Crossing the bridge and using it as another opportunity to ratchet up the heart rate to near fatal  levels it was a swift transfer to the B&T amid a small but persistent shower…once of course the coffee was served outside, the heavens opened and a curtain of rain closed across the door of our watering hole…so for the first time in ER history coffees were consumed in the air conditioned comfort of the cafe. WBA and DLHK rolled in ahead of the front, both exceedingly well equipped for the conditions…it seems there is both style and panache to be had in wet weather gear.

YHC had to make an early departure, stepping into the wall of water and thence onto York St dodging busses and cars, a small river forming along the gutter making for a wet left foot at the lights…hmmm I am still not convinced this is a fun and essential experience, but the 4 peaks are looming large and I have finished all my HTFUs…

Tickets all a bit damp but on sale for the usual returns, looking forward to it already.

Have a good one all


Return To the one true path.

Well the champagne was on ice today, as the southerly changed a nice balmy Easter weekend into the first little taste of Autumn. Definitely more Irish Stew than Salmon Salad today, to be sure.

A Gall Stone for me on my lead up to the 4 peaks still smarting from the flogging through the beaches on the weekend, no incidents to report,  except it is still dark on the lower reaches and a rooster was in full cry at the bridge, he was probably still on the daylight saving time as there was certainly nothing to fade his curtains at that time.

Tapping out and through Hornsby there was the usual back to work crowd, and hitting the bump south of Turra my $30 back light decided to spread itself all over the highway…a five minute interlude watching with curiosity to see if any driver was going to finish the job of flattening it…as the answer was no, I managed to retrieve the bits and pocket them, with Stealth’s assistance to block oncoming traffic…and thence a swift transfer to the launch point at Gordon.

A clutch of ERs already shivering in the chill waiting for the off…accreting a few more to bring it to a bakers dozen by the Barry O Clock..which steadfastly refused to arrive and launch us forth…a bell rang after a good 2 minute wait with still no Barry (doing a Christina )…and Schleck took the bull by the horns and attacked the
Hills of Death.

The Roll of Honour ??? Bullet (le), PD, BT, Stealth, Comet, Goose FM , Rexona, Schleck, Falsh, Chippolini, Jim, ¼, Crushant, bambam, all turning the pedal on the second best way today…( if I have missed anyone my apologies )

KOM was hotly contested…the lead being initially by Goose, nicely halted by a dear old gent who stopped at the bottom on the slope into Artarmon Park…overwhelmed at the wave of ER jerseys , flashing lights and shouts of Bike up, slowing ….STOPPING…as he froze like a rabbit in the headlights. The peloton washed past and suddenly it was ¼ in the lead, YHC on second wheel, Bambam and the assault team making their way to the front of the bunch while veering around walkers, riders, dogs, and debris…on the first slope it was ¼ , Bambam chewing on his rear wheel, nothing but clear air ahead, on slope two it looked like a Renshaw shoulder barge and head butt was needed to separate them, YHC could not call the winner yet, on slope three it looked like ¼ by a nose but a a photo needed to confirm. YHC was overtaken as usual by the bunch on slope 3..pretensions always well punished.

No contest for the Col de Crow’s nest, and a regroup to collect all for the scramble to the SHB…Traffic once again a reminder that not everyone enjoys their commute as much as we…Busses and 4X4s making a wide road seem narrow as we filtered through, and on to the SHB…

Chilled rapidly so B&T agenda put on hold, for the quickest coffee of the year, departure was 7:48.. no doubles or second rounds, but return tickets being touted for all the usual times.

Have a great one all…looking forward to the 5:15 already.

BT ( Jenny Craig )

Dragon Fly Larvae ride on Friday

OK, you asked for it….being a holiday, hope this is not “tl;dr”. Mrs Dragon, asks me “don’t you have anything better to do?”
Dragon’s Log. Star date 20120406.0645
A small group of intrepid travellers gathered at the carpark opposite Pattisons, which was unusually deserted, but this was no surprise, it being Good Friday morn. Comet (who I’m sure was so keen to ride that he must have arrived 15 minutes early), RTG, Chris (not Warrawee Chris), Flasshhhh, YHC accompanied by (is it official?) AOT (ie. arse-over..John), with Michael arriving moments before take-off.
Weather conditions were pristine, a comfortable 17 degrees C. After a short delay for YHC to return to remote base HQ (RBHQ) to don essential protective equipment, DFL1 – Dragon Fly Larvae 1, was successfully launched; our mission to to cycle to West Head along routes well travelled by some, but new to others, and to return safely to base.
DFLV1 travelled along MVR at a steady pace, the wind-chill noticeable but within design tolerances of the Egg and Tomato. A passing peloton with strong forces (visual and olfactory) provided the opportunity for the engine room of DFLV1 to send a recon scout team (Michael and Flash) ahead; no rendezvous point was arranged, but was assumed.
The flight to the Thai – the last outpost where fresh water is available – went without incident, but on arrival, no sign of Michael and Flash.
The journey continued down McCarrs creek Rd, with YHC in his usual downhill position leading from the back of the pack. The first significant climb, up West Head Rd was led by RTG, Chris, and John, leaving YHC and Comet behind. As per Dragon rules, KOM RTG return to accompany us to the top of the first hill on the West Head tarmac where a short re-fuelling stop was convened. Comet’s fuel gauge was far from empty, but was convinced refuelling was necessary and has nothing to do with hunger.
A few more hills on and time was at an end for RTG, who needed to return to RBHQ for a appointment with higher authorities, it being Good Friday as previously noted, so after bidding farewell, retros were fired and he was off at higher speed after getting a slingshot orbit.
After the perfect conditions of the launch and descent into the National Park we entered a dense sector of space, not uncommon in this area, but unexpected on such a nice day – a magellanic cloud of sorts. The foggy conditions reduced visibility to <50m, Egg and Tomato looked like grey on grey, approaching vessels only visible because of their navigation lights. Witnessing the birth of a small star here would have been no surprise.
Comet was concerned about the spatial anomaly called “The Wall”, and asked frequently: “Are we there yet?” YHC was more concerned that with the pea-soup conditions, whether we would be able to see the wall before we hit it, and if we would be robbed of the view of at end the journey. Luckily for us the mist the cleared and we turned on the afterburners down the following hill and flats in a tidy 1-wide line travelling way faster than we have been before. Shortly after, we hit the wall, went over it, and were rewarded with the view at the end. Comet has the photographic evidence.
We enjoyed the view, refuelled, and just as were were preparing to leave for the return journey, Flash and Michael turned up, apparently distracted by who/what they were following and ended up doing an orbit of AB – sometimes the laws of physics cannot explain some attractive forces in effect in the universe.
Despite John offering to call Mrs John to fly the Tarago out for a mercy mission, we hit the road. The first hill from the lookout up to the LTS150mOR being the biggest challenge.
The peloton was strung out to say the least on the way back, with KOM returning down to ride up again with the trailing rider. Hitting McCarrs Creek Rd with Michael, YHC could see Flash 100m ahead with some other traveller. Seeing that John, Chris, Comet were riding comfortably together some metres behind, decided to give chase. Ground was slowing being made up as the hill progressed. The relatively flat bit saw the other guy overtake Flash and also YHC making up more ground to come with 60m of them, then the incline increased again and YHC saw Flash overtake the other guy and pull away. YHC was now gaining ground quickly and passed him (the other guy) 25m from the top – dare I say it was with great satisfaction to pass that close to the top. At the top Flash and YHC waited (neither of us mentioned the KOM rule), with Michael, followed shortly by John, with Comet and Chris bring up the rear.
We went through the Horse-Shit Nebula (the underpass under MVR) and rode as a line back to Stives. Flash was ahead and did not notice when YHC sufferred a equipment failure – loss of pressure on rear-dampener traction control.
Travelling again, we thought we had safely navigated through the asteroid belt of detritus and loose particles of unformed planets surrounding the black-potholes just before the nasty hill leading into Stives, but alas just over the hill, shortly after the peleton re-docked with Flash, the distress call, akin to, “Houston, we have a problem”
was heard. Comet had suffered a similar fate to YHC with a micro-particle causing sudden pressure loss.
How many ERs does it take to replace and re-pressurise? Too many! Comet impressed with his survival kit of every possible tool, pity he did not know how to use them! None of us could work out to use Comet’s emergency CO2, mouth-to-valve provided initial inflation, and CPR was suggested, but we ended up using Flash’s CO2 injector, YHC having depleted his own previously and had no spares. Prior to departing, Flash, the engineer that he is, discovered the operational secret of Comet’s emergency CO2 inflator and thought he would use it, the pressure monitor on his own rear tyre indicating a top up may be required.
All went well for 50m when a loud explosion cause YHC to turn around to see the peloton stalled again on the side of the road. Hyper-inflation had caused explosive and catastrophic pressure loss, tearing open the inner lining, but luckily, not leading to life-threatening outer skin penetration.
Once again the ERs were replacing and re-inflating. The hiss of gas, sudden release of pressure from the canister freezing components parts, the wisps of condensation – was reminiscent of a space-shuttle launch.
We finally rolled back into RBHQ and our journey was at its end. All handled the journey with courage, HTFU pills swallowed in overdose that morning. We have KOMs in waiting… watch out
See you all on the next mission.
Dragon out.

Inaugural ‘Dragon Fly’ ride report

Hi All

As a relative newbie to ER, I hope it it not presumptuous of me to present a ride report, there being no suitable ER seniors (experience, not age) on the ride….. I have modeled the report on those written by the masters and can only hope I have applied the appropriate level of BS.

As suggested by SatNav, the inaugural ‘Dragon Fly’ wearing ER egg and tomato was run today from Stives to West Head and back again. Conditions were hot and steamy.. hot, humid, whatever, we sweated heaps…It was the hottest (or humid-ess) cycling YHC has had all summer..but its already autumn you say…yes that’s right, but who rides a bike at 2pm in summer!! YHC was joined on the ride by Chris and Sam (naming committee please note lack of suitable pseudonyms), henceforth with referred to as ‘Dragon Riders’ (am I opening myself up for some wise-crack comments here??), and as such abbreviated to “ER-DR”s. All started well in good conditions, traffic was moderate (nothing compared to Miller St on a workday), but still safe, MVR shoulder lanes being what they are… there were expected road-kills, but nothing fresh, and the usual flotsam and jetsam from the surrounding bush interspersed with the occasional car part or tyre.

The run to Terrey Hills was cruisy with YHC leading the charge up the rise to the Thai Restaurant for the last water fill before hurtling down McCarrs Creek Rd. YHC led the way… “follow me I’m right behind you” being a bit of an old woman down the hills, and graciously waved for the ER-DRs to pass and foregoing the embarrassment of being overtaken at top speed. The tarmac to West Head was superb as always – still don’t know which RMS (aka RTA) bureaucrat to thank for that, but sure he/she must have been a cyclist – its undulations taking its toll on young ER-DR Sam (‘young’ because he lowered the average age of the pack to be below 50), with cramps in both legs. Maybe this is the result of his ‘casual’ riding pattern “TNF…..Thursday aNd Fridays” I recall he wrote in one previous post. Hmmm is this a naming opportunity?…may I be so bold (apologies if the answer is “no”).”Mr Casual”. HTFU Sam.

The standard ‘Dragon Fly’ has no rest stop at West Head – we’ve seen that view so many times already – It loops back up the hill (while the legs are still warm) and has the obligatory rest stop at the “LAST TOILET STOP 150m ON RIGHT”. Here we sat among the bush turkeys – boy, are they ugly – and large goanna. All that was lacking was a x-large xx-cold iced coffee on skim with extra ice-cream (full-fat OK)… a coffee flavoured Endura gel had to suffice. The ride back was uneventful, no sign of the tyre-eating pothole that caused my 3 punctures a few weeks ago just before that “nasty little hill” leading into Stives.

The regular ‘Dragon Fly’ runs on Sunday 7:30am to West Head, Akuna Bay, either or both, clockwise, and anti-clockwise. Not all on the same ride! Happy to have a ‘Dragon Fly Larvae’ ride, traveling at Comet speed…I know John (NB. also lacking pseudonym) will also be interested.