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What’s this taper caper?

Morning all

As the home page suggests, perfect weather for riding in Kuitpo….

A good dozen chaffing at the bit at Gordon for a steady roll in picking up Winkie and 3/4 (in total) in transit. No incidents or accidents to report with a steady pace the order of the day.

A few absences this morning, with the majority of offenders coincidentally doing the Thredbo spin over the weekend. This extended taper will see them with doing the dishes Friday night prior to the 6am depart Saturday – I think that’s what PD mentioned anyway…..

BT firmly entrenched at the B&T when we arrived – something about his carbo loading not permitting him to ride in today. Great to see even those not on the pedals joining for the staple coffee at the B&T each morning.

Shrieks of delight could be heard from the Tower building at Milsons Point at the B&T’s latest recruit. Vic played to the crowd well by requesting a rating be given. Being Sensitive New Age Guys, we thought it inappropriate to comment. Except Clutters whose “10” became an “11” after seconds were served.

Browney of the TSS pulled up on the new Colnago Master – poetry in motion that. Need photos pls. Rumours of a “who has the best” challenge between Browney, Craig, Flash and Quarter. Ernesto would be well proud.

A number of new boys out and about currently, gradually getting onto the email list and website. Newbies pls feel free to email the group (via the googlegroup for now) if you’re not sure where to hitch up or who’ll be there when you do. Numbers will be down a little tomorrow however normal services will still run.

Now the website is becoming presentable we plan to get moving on some more proactive marketing. TV appearances and all that stuff. Watch this space. I’ll stick to radio for obvious reasons.

Normal departures this evening; 5.15pm and 6pm

Have a good one all.


Mark / Satnav

A thought from the Dominator…

It concerns me greatly that some members are continuing to ride with underpants under their Knicks and that longer standing members are allowing this to happen either in omission or schadenfreude.

Funny though it may be it will ultimately only bring discredit to the ER brand “oh yeh those guys who wear underpants” queue derisive laughter.

Moreover the medical hazards of this behavior to the wearer are well documented in cycling fora and blogs.

There is no Velominati Rule about this as it is a universal truth and it would be too embarrassing even to mention.

To the wearers I suggest for your own wellbeing and sangfroid said underpants should only be worn on designated Superhero days and then over your knicks.

Sweaty bollocks

Friday Rhodes Roubaix

Kicked off this morning with all intents of completing a slightly altered Rhodes Roubaix. No affirmative responses on increasing the size of the Peloton, so I sailed past the meeting point (Cnr Pac Hwy & Livingstone Ave) at a few minutes past 6.20am. 

By the time i reached the bottom of Livingstone I was shivering from the rain/cold. Finally after turning the legs a few times the blood started pumping and both core temperature and spirits lifted.

A gentle roll really to loosen the legs from squash last night with nothing to abnormal to report.

Concorde Duncan (unsure of ride name) was patiently waiting for the ER peloton and surprised to se it only consisting of 1 person. he joined on, astride a wet weather special commuter, fixed gear and all.

UNfortuntely i suffered a flat just near the corner of Lilyfield Rd and Vcitoria rd. Thought i had enough air in ti to make it to the B&T, but alas, not quite enough to get to Madame’ Lash’s as i suffered another flat (low pressure/pinch).

SOS messages sent out and acknowledged- however in all the confusion (from my end) i ended up walking a couple hundred metres to the bike store at Pyrmont to get some air in the tyre. I think the time is right for me to get some canisters. A side bit of trivia, one of the lovely young lasses who used to work at madame lash’s now works at the bike store i went to. She says g’ady to the ER

Finally made it to Nth Sydney to shower and enjoy some more coffee…

Greengate tonight anyone?


Friday Swim In

Morning all

Damp under pedal again this morning however little to dampen the enthusiasm of the true HMOTN – from memory 8 in the stalls at Gordon including Apprentice HMOTN Colnago Craig, in ER colours and all.

BT had hardly raised a sweat by Gordon and can confirm that he was in similar shape at the meeting point of the West of the Pac Hwy Sect at 6.30; all that training and advice by the Pampster coming through. The umbrella and keys to the Subaru may have played a part.

No interest in Rhodes today although rumour circulating Bam donned the togs and waded through.

No thrills or spills this morning – lucky you didn’t stack this morning Rowds as we would have only seen you from the neck up, as that corner was deep underwater. Hope you’ve recovered OK.

Excellent casual spin home last night with Rabs, Flash, and two other potential new recruits we’re hoping to rein in during the day.

Arrival safely at the B&T where discussion soon turned to professional matters (as most mornings do) where Chippo announced that he churns out around 250 tweets a day; fortunately he does his paid work in 2 minutes being the target of efficiency to which we all can aspire.

Patent Attorney pinup boy WBA was unbelievably heard to mutter the words “copy” in reference to jerseys.

BT gave us the run through of the readings from Pamp’s thermometer up the Khyber and what it meant for his form going forward. Interesting stuff.

Groin strain scheduled for 5.15pm this evening from SHBS; suspect other departures at 15 min intervals thereafter.

Have a good one all.

Mark / Satnav


Wednesday Ride Report

Morning all

So the first report on the blog on the website….still testing so pls advise thoughts/observations.

The very high humidity this morning did nothing to dampen the spirits of our ever growing band of HMOTN. 8 in the traps at Gordon grew to 13 around the coffee desk at the B&T. DT recalled the days not that long ago when a damp morning would only prise 3 or 4 out of the cot. Nice one lads.

No incidents or accidents to report, partly due to our speed being moderated to within health and safety guidelines. The odd muppet out on the roads dodging, swerving etc – however we rise above such petty actions…..

Great spin home last night via Schleck’s Manly route – many thanks mate for getting us sorted. Unfortunately no Rabbit to be seen. Drastique doing the route on his single speed MTB earnt extra kudos. Watch out for this route getting more regular airing going forward. Departed SHBS 5.30pm and arrived St Ives 7pm. Thanks too for help lads with my flat last night.

Much fuss it seems on the regular outbound route last night with rumours of Clutters taking side streets in order to avoid the Flashboat home. Chippo pleading no knowledge. Inquiry launched.

Rumours difficult to dispel that new boy Colnago Craig has taken the kit and run for the hills – not seen since delivery. Let’s hope he’s not getting cheap copies done in China……

Recruitment really taking off currently – we’ve done up a new welcome email so ensure you grab email addresses when you see folks out on the road.

Departure times assumed to be the 5.15pm Winkie Special and the 6pm TSS Express.

Have a good one all.

Mark / Satnav