OTP in the foggy foggy dew

Awakening to the sounds of an English dawn chorus as one does, YHC opened the shutters on the garret tower to survey the landscape in the valley and assess what kind of ride to enjoy…alas even when rubbing the sleep out of the eyes there was no view to peruse. Blanket of fog..or in aviation parlance “Socked in”.

The Subi transfer to Fox Valley was uneventful, however it was still weaving through the B-doubles, ( where do they come from and why do they insist on rumbling through Dural at 6am ??? ) nice though that in the fog they still maintain a crazy 70kph although YHC was controversially maintaining the speedlimit through the dips and enjoyed hearing heated application of exhaust brakes and squeaking discs as they decelerate to tailgate me until the bottom of the dip then are left chugging up the other side..( win ) …

There was a small but perfectly formed peloton on the traps at Rowland St , Saint Nav unfluffed, YHC and “Onya” wove to the front of the traffic turning onto the Pacific parkway, and then wove through the gridlock to Pymble which was clear and onto the OTP..

Pea Soup served with ham this morning, Ham being a descriptive of Chippo’s attire..Teddy and open toed heels with cherry pillbox hat..looked ready to attend a day at the races. A few fewer ERs on the OTP this morning, flashing away on time without setting eyes on Barry, where is he when the weather turns..probably took a wrong turn at Chatswood..nothing like that would happen if he took the second best way.

Moisture in microcosm, much more amenable that sturm und drang, boasts of those who braved the 6pm commute, they described this clammy ride as luxury, “dreamed” of conditions as pleasant as these on that hell of the north return. Well apart from the fog it was perfect conditions for a commute into town..all quickly realised that eyewear was optional, mine went back in the backpack at Roseville. Visibility was variable, but better without accumulating moisture on the glasses. One phenomenon which YHC has noticed is that ER bus timetables are remarkably consistent..hell and high water seem to make zero impression on arrival times at the B&T..even punctures do not seem to interrupt Andy Schleck’s sprint to the forecourt for 7:30. This morning all went swimmingly up to Crow’s Nest, then with a block of flats it appeared the peloton would be delayed..until Drastic called for a “safety “ split, and therefore released a pressure valve through which most escaped ( Saint Nav of course changed two wheels and repumped in a record 10 minutes, ensuring he was left without a chair over coffee..no good deed remains unpunished as they say .)

Superlative commute though as ERs started accumulating over coffee, Fluffers, Epping and assorted latecomers..stories got taller as volume got louder, although duration was curtailed due to temperature.

Return bouts booked, the usual suspects on the usual lineout..

Have a good one all.


One thought on “OTP in the foggy foggy dew

  1. Drastic

    I made no such call. I was late and chasing and rode up to the bunch in Burlington with Dragon and called “last”. I stopped when I saw the punctures but the sight of me riding past was more than enough incentive for half a dozen ER’s to speed off towards the speed humps.

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