Thursday Fluffer – Sans Goaders

10 ER’s in the blocks this morning – Satnav, B1/m, Magoo, Scott, Andy, Ivan, Kneel, Rob W, Jamie, moi. Clutters was on the side, valiantly recruiting for his tame flutter (gimme a break …). We left him, a sad figure with only the lights of a single AY-UP forlornly reminding him of his failed quest …

A beautiful night sky, not a cloud to dim the starry firmament, provided a perfect backdrop for the run along the ridge to Terry Hills, then the darkest of descents through McCarrs Creek. With the regroup at Church Point we set up a rolling paceline. It worked, sort of, being thrown into disarray by utes, hills, timing, etc. We are getting better.

Mon Capitaine and Simba joined as at PWR. A good pace saw us through to Manly when Herb popped up. He claimed a reverse Akuna at 0500 and a mad chase to bridge to us. I reckon he drove to Manly after sleeping in – Strava will reveal the truth.

Nought else to report – PR’s all round, everyone home safe with coffees ordered by 0745. Cracking morning.

Usual rides this arvo, noting that Dopey is proposing a LCNP this arvo. I haven’t done one, but it promises to be a ripper – birds tweeting, a gentle roll through the Park, then a sprint up Kisso. A complete day in the saddle.

Stay upright,


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