Second last way to start the day

Dawn was breaking slowly under a few scudding strato cumulus this morning which made for a steely grey sprint along the Asquith Golf course segment and a cool humid start to the second best way to start the day. For YHC it was a normal work day except it could be described as very much a holiday ride. Nil traffic before Waitara, there was a white van to report .. but looked more like the young driver was heading home rather than to work as he was observing the speed limit and displayed no agro at all.. YHC rolled forth unaccosted.

Fox Valley Road.. rendezvous was a question of me myself and I , the peloton discussed an early departure but got involved in checking the 360 app for DtB who was actually still at at the appointed hour a reduced ER presence was noted but operations were still normal..

Gordon and tumbrels rolling around in the morning breeze, it looked like a solo ER bus would be the sum of it, but at 3 seconds to go Chippo hurled around the corner and doubled the numbers..( YHC was a little concerned as this could mean a hypoxic record breaking OTP but was quickly informed about a run at lunch scheduled so the ride would be at ER normal ( ok BT pace ) . So an on time departure for the second last OTP of the 2013 calendar and a perfectly formed but sartorially splendid peloton rolled out to ply the back streets of the north shore with vigour and enthusiasm ( at BT pace )..

The hills of death rolled over , and col de Lindfield increased the average pace a little, Rawhiti sprint left YHC in a breathless state although Chippo was politely jollying along .. not a single bead of sweat to be seen..then into Hills St and Welshie was waiting at the stop with Hans ( a potential new rider ) which doubled the peloton again.. its an ER thing..seems to double in size en route. ( and one of the issues we need to address with the BNSW boys as they won’t play with us until the bike bus scenario is embraced by their strategic thinking)

Nil traffic into Archer St and a clear run though to the Scaramanga climb, YHC leading ( the only way to not get dropped is to dictate the tempo up front then use elbows to prevent any overtaking on the bike path.. ) meant YHC was first to clear the carpark, in a bit of a haze I have to admit, with Chippo daydreaming on my wheel. The only traffic to Crows Nest was a garbo , and the only distraction there was finding a cafe that was open.. ( sorry flash Xenos was trap shut.. ) we decided to roll on.. What little traffic there was was actually determined to get in the way .. one was stopped at a traffic lights having overshot the stop line by a half car length, the other was a garbo parked at 90 degrees to the road blocking the on coming traffic, but he was busy ..

The lights aligned nicely along Miller St, giving the peloton a boost to the bridge and early arrival at the clam tight shut B&T.. We’ll have to call Vic and tell him he sold out..

Chippo led the way to bar Fredo.. Shut .. Yahoo, shut.. three strikes and he was out.. Welshie, YHC and hans found an extortion merchant on George St next to the Philips foot. $5 a coffee.. beggars though are not choosers so we swallowed pride and coughed up.

YHC then rolled to the office and found the Hobbits ride ensconced at Vivo ( the eatery at the foot of 388 George and an IAG local) ( who wants to go there to quote Chippo )

So it was a perfect start to the day, all the boxes ticked..YHC is looking forward to BDR and alps return to Mt Colah probably on the early mark if at all possible.. will be monitoring the mail list for all your ride reports to destinations around the Sydney basin with interest.

Have a great day all


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