Four Little Hobbits

Four Little Hobbits went out one day
Down through Lane Cove and far away
The rain did fall and all got wet
It’ll happen tonight again I bet

One Hairy Hobbit didn’t feel the love
Got to Naremburn and pulled the plug
So just three of us at Cava did shiver
Just about as wet as in the Lane Cove River.

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Six years ago my younger brother asked if i'd like to go for a ride with him. I thought he'd want to do something crazy like 30km... Three years later my longest day in the saddle has seen me cover 316km, but the single biggest highlight has been completing the 2016 Peaks Challenge Falls Creek with my four brothers, and completing it three hours quicker than on my first attempt in 2012. PCFC covers 235km and over 4,500m of climb in a day. Today I see myself as a mix of a sadist and a masochist. I like hurting myself on the bike, but making others suffer more on their bikes is even more fun!

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