Friday OTP Report

Just noticed that complete apathy has prevailed amongst the OTP’ers today, with no one bothered to write up a report. Perhaps not surprising, with just 3 in the traps at the start (Stealth, Agro and YHC), and just WBA collected along the way. A minor interaction with a taxi driver encountered at Lindfield, with a Silver Service deciding to do a three point turn in front of Stealth, and when Stealth politely pointed out that the taxi really should have waited until we passed as we had right of way, the driver asked whether Stealth had brakes and why didn’t he just use them. IQ is probably just something the driver has on his Foxtel service. There was a brief discussion held about joining our Rhodes Roubaix brethren at the new café in Pyrmont, however no one could be bothered with that either.

We were joined at the B&T by none other than your regular correspondent BT, and a lively discussion ensued about GPS tracking for bikes including automated anti-collision software, said discussion instigated by the Strava debacle that arose earlier this week where the family of a cyclist who died apparently trying to beat a Strava segment time is trying to sue Strava for causing the accident. Suspect this one will be the subject of much further discussion over the coming months as court proceedings progress.

I’m off early today so won’t see you on the return journey, and back to my second home in PNG next week, so will catch up on the pedals on Monday week.


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