Tuesday the long way round OTP report

The alarm went off in the middle of the night again, black as pitch, nothing to see, but YHC checking the radar which was suitably blank, rolled into gloom for some gorging.

What a perfect morning for a good hard ride, chilled to a balmy 13C no need to layer up and lovely dry road. Being still the middle of the night, no cars, nothing but me myself and I. Turning the pedals at cruise pace through the galston rollers, it was great to “push the pace a bit” as the peloton of one was having no trouble keeping up.

Dropping into the GG just as the first few rays of sunshine ( described in the manual as “Morning Civil Twilight ) were apparent by the bluish glow, not even the rooster at the bridge was game to mutter a morning call…then into the mur de Gallstone…10 minutes of turbo style pedalling. Actually reached the top without finding it hard, damn could have dropped a gear and gone faster…

A quick check on the clock, 5:30 and all is well, Hornsby is stirring, but YHC is pumping, plenty of time to gorge again, so it is off to Bobbo for the second course. Rolling on at BT pace, the peloton stepped up a notch…and hooned down into Bobbo at probably not a safe pace, but by now there was enough light to encourage a little sillyness. Once at the Bobbo bridge though but whom should show up but Herb and company..a real peloton of ridiculously fit MAMILS..Bravado over took me so I rolled to the front and tapped out my finest until the slope started to steepen and the ridiculously fit Herb and company continued on chatting easily while I dropped off the back like BamBams empty fag packet. Luckily they waited at the top, and gave me a good tow along to Turra, PBs a plenty for little extra effort..nice.

The roll down into Gordon, I hammered for the fun of keeping up with the traffic, as one does in a downhill direction, but by the time we’d joined the OTP bus, YHC was cooked, ready for a nice coffee and if I ate wheat , a croiscent. Just 18kms short of the cafe.

18 on the Bus this morning, all much too happy for a Tuesday, but perfect conditions and much anticipation of the Ride2Work day it was hard not be jollied along by the enthusiasm..The BOF was late by a good minute, but no worries the ER peloton was in the mood to make back that minute in the first attack on the hills of death, by Roseville there were 24 odd riders, and some more by the top of Tindale…all of which seemed to arrive before they disappeared…KOM was ( Default ) ¼ …he had called to the engine room for extra steam going along Artarmon road, and was probably at terminal velocity hitting the SUP..daylight second, C.Hippo cruising up not out of the saddle Third… YHC still receiving applause from the Boundary riders for arriving 5 minutes after the leaders have left the podium.

A tight peloton grouped and grinding through North Sydney, with perfect timing on the lights to be through and at SHB in near record time..SHB sprint, ¼ again finding the steam to power past umpteen “obstacles” and be first in the B&T.. the news is that our free coffee app is now being swapped for some other scheme..I just hope the 25 free cups I have saved up will not fall by the wayside..

The count down is on for what the ER riders have been practicing for all year, tomorrow is ride to work day…no excuses, drop what you have planned if you have not planned to be there. It is world record attempt time..50 minimum in the Egg and Tomato..your place has been reserved …there is a free breakfast or two just in case you need a little something extra to get you into the mood.

Return bus timetable is still current, no adjustments made for daylight saving..I for one will be on the 5pm..

Have a great day all

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