Post Apocalyptic Commute

The dull grey of the post Apocalyptic age greeted the eye as I squinted out the window.

“Will there be anybody riding in today?”
“Dunno; I’ll find out when I get there.”

Out of the bunk, throw on the nicks, morning ablutions, morning oblations, change nicks (it’s ablutions before throwing on the nicks, silly), protein shake, out with the bike (feeling in a Unibomber frame of mind) and off we go:

  • Swiped by ute within 200 metres – “Happy New Year, D!ckhead!”
  • Resolved to commit to medication regime to manage Tourettes.
  • Down Luton’s driveway – Dopey streaks past like a rabbit on the run, “Sorry Bullet, I didn’t recognise your @rse!”
  • (“The protein shakes are working,” Bullet (Le) is chuffed)
  • 16 on the Pedal for the first Post Mayan Apocalyptic Commute – atmosphere reminiscent of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. “We don’t need another Hero! (Tina Turner)” underscoring the ride
  • There is a BOF in the New World – crack on!

No incedents or other to report. Business as usual in many ways:

  • Quarter, resplendent in the Yulefest garb of the KOM jersey
  • Assumed Quarter took the KOM – I was somewhere back around Chatswood…
  • UB yellow carded for outrageous manoeuvre at the top of Scaramanga – not satisfied with his newly found media whore status (courtesy: Peter Fitzimons, SMH), he seems intent on doing whatever it takes to ensure he remains in the papers. Propose a “Yellow Card” register for transgressions whilst in the livery – no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Big Goaders suggested Le Bullet could be entered into said register for his deft and elegant cornering sweep into West St. Unfortunately, ineligible as I was not in the livery. No correspondence will be entered into (do as I say, not as I do)
  • The B&T open on the first trading day of the year. Outstanding. Sarah looking forlorn due to the absence of Chippo.
  • Fervent discussion around the cancellation of today’s lunch and potential for Sri Lunchalot’s excommunication as a result. Lunch promptly re-instated
  • Planning and strategy breakout groups convened covering – 2013 Ride to the Moon challenge (Total km’s by all members of the ER Group on Strava, sign up ASAP), Fluffer deviations (A Fluffer via Ettalong departing 2.00am from Patto’s – kidding….), The Ride to Work Challenge – track how many of roughly 250 working days each of us ride to work – specifics to follow, The Madison – a beginner’s guide, with keynote address by Richard Measures (in absentia).

So, as sung by the patrons at the World Darts Championships, “‘Ere we go, ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go…..” Set your clocks, start your engines, we’re off on another adventure – 2013.

Confirmation of lunch pending, proposed ETD’s from 16:30 hours onwards (if it’s good enough for the banks….) – as you can see, it’s nose to the grindstone stuff.

Did I mention 16 on the Pedals? Bet you wish you were back at work.

Ride in Peace

Bullet (Le).

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