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I acknowledge the traditional owners of this email and give thanks for allowing me to commune in this sacred place. I can feel their presence.

Australian Property Monitors report this morning a sharp spike in interest and value of postcodes 2070-2075 citing “The appearance of the Captain” as the overriding influence.

Local investors and owner occupiers were out in force to see this rare cyclical phenomenon in action, as such factor convergence in market conditions is far too rare these days.

That said, 30 of the 2070-2075’s most attractive offerings were on display this morning. For many it was their first foray into the market this year, for others it was the hope of a more buoyant times after the sluggish conditions of the previous week.

Some highlights from the catalogue:

  • Captain’s evergreen stunner – “Rolling Downs”, the perfect combination of ease, with just a hint performance. Luxury and delusion in perfect concert.
  • Turnip’s fixer upper – “Balboa Estate” – a rustic charmer in need of some TLC after a recent run in with an erratic buyer during last Thursday’s inspection
  • Shleck’s classic Art Deco – “Moneypenny”. The impressive property has been let go in recent times; the hedges are a little overgrown, all of which adds to the mystery of this top drawer offering. Insiders note a recent garage sale of certain fixtures and fitting suggest that the Schlecks may be more motivated than first indications. Potential for good buying here.
  • Chippo’s compact entertainer – “Nads”. Crisp, clean presentation with bright colours that create an ambience of fun and functionality. A lot of value has been squeezed into this appealing unit. If you poke around inside you’ll find hidden nooks and private spaces to please. This one’s a real peach!
  • The Houghton Family Estate – “Strato Cumulus” a collection rambling gems that carry a warm familiarity. One for the family here

With stock numbers on the rise, many are looking for expansion opportunities to new developments and undervalued opportunities; Flufferville, Aallambie-by-Sea, and Getalong Grove all attracting early season interest.

Tomorrow sees up and coming agent – Goader Partners, testing a boldĀ  marketing innovation – a pre-dawn tour through Flufferville. Expressions of Interest have been strong with many hoping to get the jump on the market and snap up a bargain off the plan.

It’s shaping up to be quite a year and we’ll be looking to set records, maintain high clearance rates and continue the stimulate the market with interesting and attractive offerings from the FM group of companies.

5.15 & 6pm briefings as per.

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