Tuesday morning Fluffer

The pre-dawn rain shower stayed away for this morning’s Fluffer; perfect conditions for a roll along the beaches.

Eleven ER’s in the traps (now this will test my memory!) —Satnav, Flash, Fore, Magoo, Ivan the Terrigal, Jamie, Rob, Ben, Scott, Simon, and B1/m CFM (acting.) Big Bird, very pleased to report all regroups conducted in an orderly fashion, the peloton remained nice and tidy through Bayview in the pre-dawn light despite a seemingly endless stream of “cars back” — a bit busier on the beaches this morning.

Unharrassed through Dee Why. Briony pulled up south of the col; wasn’t too sure why at first, no obstacles in sight at all but close inspection revealed a flat rear tyre (which wasn’t slowing her up at all.) Tyre changed successfully despite everyone’s best efforts: Briony thought she’d check the cartridge by emptying half the CO2 into the gutter, Satnav got most of the rest into the tyre, then Flash thought he’d check everyone’s work by pressing the little button on the end of the valve. Simon’s pressure gauge barely registered a 30 so Fore finished off the job with a mini pump. Like watching a well-oiled machine without the oil. Under way
again until just around the corner where Satnav’s rear tyre relaxed in sympathy. First tube fitted — and exploded; Scott diving for cover like we were under fire — second fitted then on our way with nothing further to report from the mechanicals department.

Glorious through Manly — a nice little longboard wave this morning — busy up through Seaforth (saw us up, ahem, up on the footpath for a bit; apologies, BG) but all present and accounted for either side of the dip. Safe passage through the lower north shore saw us into the B&T for the tail end of the first sitting, well situated for the second, and in prime position for the morning academicals with Herb in tow. All in all, a fine morning on the pedals.

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