Charlotte Pass

Twas the night after Dead Horse, when all through the house,
None of the ER’s were stirring, (just Cathie checking the radar at 3am?!).

The ER’s were nestled, all snug in their beds,
Visions of the “undulations”, playing over and over in their heads.

The steeds were all parked, in the pool room with care,
In the hopes that come morning, our legs would still be there.

Come breakfast we united, Cathie and Briony in knicks,
Everyone else in jeans and jumpers, assuming the girls’ heads were full of bricks.

For the mountain was dark, the rain came and went,
The radar warning of mischief, cancellation text messages hurriedly sent.

Outside the weather threatened, but four stepped to the plate,
For Drastic, Zlatko, Briony and Cathie, the desire to conquer Charlottes Pass was simply too great.

The four gathered at the Petrol Station, (extremely good looking) support crew in tow,
Wondering what the mountain held, whether it be rain, wind or possibly snow.

Briony held on as best as she could, but off the back she eventually fell,
Leaving Zlatko, Cathie and Drastic, to fight for the title of the first to conquer hell.

Following Briony’s journey, was a navy blue four-wheel drive,
Piloted by the holy Saint Nav and Saint Nick, providing the encouragement to ensure she would arrive.

Briony kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing,
And then did some more climbing, and then there was some new climbing.
(35km of climbing for those following along at home)

Counting down the chain bays, riding through the mountain moors,
The pain in her legs, not made mention of in any of PD’s brochures.

Through Perisher and the pinnacle was in sight! Just a final 2km over the ridge,
When a noise caught Briony’s attention.. NOT ANOTHER FLAT…. YOU FU&@#^! BIT#!

Saints Nav and Nick, had proceeded to the peak,
Leaving Briony alone, adding to her poorly timed punctures streak.

Down flew Cathie, and a newly kitted out Dave,
Dave stopped to lend assistance, Cathie continued with a wave.
(But it was freezing and she did apologise as she flew past!)

With no tools on hand, Briony held her wheel in the air,
Saints Nav and Nick arrived, with Drastic’s wheel as a spare.

The final little kilometres, were done at some pace,
Briony arrived at the top – a new trophy for the case.

The decent was unreal, fitting reward for the climb,
The thought of finally being able to take of wet and cold socks – simply sublime.


Thanks to the support crew – Nick and Mark who followed me (later accompanied by Drastic)

Laurie and Dave in the other vehicle.

Everyone who bailed on Sunday missed a fantastic ride!!

Best of luck to all for 3 Peaks and thanks to PD for organising an epic weekend

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