Tuesday OTP

A cool start to the day as another predawn departure was made, 14C on the dashboard with a slight south westerly, perfect weather for a gentle roll into town. With the Fluffers making their departure hours before, numbers were down…to about 25 on the OTP. BOF made it to the party and sent the ER peloton forth with only a few seconds delay, and so all was right in the universe, events unfolding as they should.

Cars became a talking point as numerous minor incidents, mainly just barging and shoving in where they could. I noticed that ERs were actually spread into a thin line through the HOD and I think this is what was the cause of the issue..cars felt they had the room to come alongside and push in..obviously more discussion required over coffee, but there is something to be said about presenting an impassable mass where safe passing is not possible.

 A businesslike pace due to the temperature, nice to have the cooler breeze to enjoy spooling up the legs for their heating rather than overheating , YHC managed to fall to the lantern rouge through Lindfield but sailed past the Roseville regroup and made it to the front for a second or two before Chatswood..Conspicuous driving award was delivered to a hapless driver who managed to overtake the peloton before the pedestrian crossing to Roseville station, being both overtaking on the crossing on the wrong side of double whites and approaching a bus head on..then having to mix in to the peloton to avoid hitting the oncoming traffic..outstanding achievement managing to accumulate more traffic offenses than the mind could comprehend in such a short stretch. A Go Pro would be handy for such things..

 It was brought to my attention that Archer St has become a bit of a shredder, but more to the point , Tindale which should be the regroup to reassemble the peloton was marked with a big fail this morning. A rear carriage was dropped due to insufficient observation or over zealous urge to arrive at coffee..needless to say the rear car took a short cut on the highway led by Drastic and DT to arrive at B&T 5 mins before the offending front of the peloton..nuff said.

 Deliciously autumnal, if you have any friends , family , enemies who are not on the pedals riding to the office, now would be a good time to get them started..

 A quick look at the following link and encouragement to log the ride on 28th March..to provide a resource and perhaps some lobbying opportunity.. www.rideable.org.au

 Make your mind up time for the return roll….there are many ways home, creativity required to avoid getting used to the same old same old..BDR for me this evening ..looking forward to it already.

 Have a great day all


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