The Fluffer Classic

Fluffer Classic Start

A big thanks to SatNav, Drastique, Admin, Both B1’s and many more for the fantastic help that they gave either leading groups or playing the role of ‘Lantern Rouge’ at the back of the pack. Between us all we got 45 safely through the Fluffer Classic without any real incidents beyond a minor mechanical (Quarter will need a new hub!!!).

What a fantastic ride. If you were in the second group you would have had a very easy climb up the Mona Vale Road whilst Sir Lunchalot and Ravi effectively ‘did their knitting and had a good old chat’. Once they separated the momentum picked up. To think that we could ride 45km and get two groups to meet up in Manly for a photo shows how good it was.

Hello Admin

The line of egg and tomato’s was fantastic. Great to see so many new faces.

To think that 45 people rolled out of bed ridiculously early to ride with their mates shows what a great group this is.

If only I had sent a few more emails I may have got a bigger turnout.

Thanks to all who rode. A great event and I hope a fantastic introduction to one of the ER rides.

The Fluffer occurs every Tuesday and Thursday – Start time 5.15am from St Ives. I will be back at the starting post on Thursday morning waiting to see if anyone will turn up!!!!

Please thank all your friends for attending. They are welcome anytime – Priority clearly given to the Fluffettes within the group. What a wonderful bunch to wake up with! (Fluffettes – please forgive me……)

Enjoy your day. On behalf of your boss – No Sleeping……….

Big Goaders

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