OTPe Report Thursday

Well another perfect day for a ride into the office, YHC was up in time to see the sun poke above the horizon and  pedalled into a deliciously 14C clear morning sans Bdoubles on the New Line road.. you have to be out before 6 for that privilege. OTPe combatants mostly MIA just the usual suspects lined up at the loftus kick off.. DtB and a slightly jaded correspondent. No records in mind, PBs and cups all having exactly zero influence today, it was all about enjoyment ( ok no cranking up to the threshold of pain or exerting to the point of hypoxia.. I know some in ER would regard this as the opposite.. no enjoyment without cranking to near death )

Beecroft threw up a couple of choice reds, and a glimpse of the Dulwich Hill mob.. but nice little cruise into the ridiculously designed M2 alternative route. DtB was in form and pushed the pace to arrive at Vimera about 5 minutes early, in time to see Dobbo thrashing over the hill attempting KOM while Lobbster was on the Omnibus.. once en route of course no more silly explosions of power and enthusiasm ( until we reached Scaramanga, and the “safety group” of the ER OTP.. about 5 minutes ahead of their normal time.) OTPe therefore was pedalled with grace and aplomb, in a well aspirated pace sufficient for chit chat..jollity and slow enough for YHC to keep up. Then that all changed .. as mentioned the greyhounds of ER baying for their early coffee seats at B&T sparks flying off their rear derailleurs .. the sight was too much for Dobbo .. he tried to hang back but half way up Scaramanga the temptation overcame him and heezgorn off like a botfly was on his tail.

The OTPe crew proceeded in stately manner along the freeway heading ER greyhounds off at the pass.. acquired Blue Stratos along the way ( I think he caught on as we climbed the Naremburn bridge ).. and managed to arrive at Milsons Point just ahead on the roundabout which can only be described as  perfectly timed.  Not that there is any competiveness or racing on the commute.. official reports will say no accidents, incident, or illegal activity..

SHB was glorious, sometimes you have to wonder why anyone would cross it at a sprint..

Arrivals at B&T sufficiently spread out to ensure no queue beyond about 3 deep and various ER menageries settled in for a well earned and much appreciated coffee.. Bullet was an early departure, along with Phantom heading up to Surrey Hills and that shop..I am sure there will be tears at bedtime when the credit card bill arrives..

Anyhow, Sydney is going to turn on a warm and mostly dry return, make the most of it as apparently we are headed into a heatwave followed by another cool change with rain and storm for the weekend..

Cheers BT


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