Rider of the Week – Dtc

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 26 live with my fiancée Meredith in Cherrybrook in a place we bought a couple of years ago. I work in Marketing, and studied Psychology & Statistics at University. I started off as a telephone counsellor at a not for profit after graduating university and worked in aged care research, aged care technology, residential market research and I run my own statistics tutoring business for fun where I teach stats courses on the weekends.

2. What got you into cycling?

My dad got me into cycling on the 22nd birthday by buying me a Kona Dew Deluxe commuter bike. At the time I had been working at St Leonards and it took me 60 minutes door to door to commute via car/train from Hornsby Heights to St Leonards. Going to the gym for an hour a week 3 times a week meant some nights I was getting home at 8.30/9pm – my dad finally convinced me that there was a better way.

I had trained up to running the city to surf that year (2008) and was enjoying a health kick, so jumping on the bike although slow at first was not particularly difficult. My dad had been cycling with the B2Bs for a few years at this point so I was used to seeing many bikes and sweaty lycra around the house.

My journey with cycling has been a rocky one and only in the last 18 months have I had a real improvement in my cycling. When I returned from France in 2012 I weighted 100 kg and was cycling around 80 kms per week. I knew I was over weight and if I didn’t change something up that I would be this heavy set for ever. Since then I have returned to around 80 kg with thanks to a strong combination of personal training once a week for 18 months including a strictly monitored diet and the will to cycle longer harder and faster.

3. How did you come to join the Easy Riders?

I joined the ER as I had moved to Lindfield late 2011 and my allegiance with the B2Bs although blood deep was not a practical one. With the ERs going past my door every morning at around 6.50 am it was a great way to stay in shape (even though I was working from home). I was finally pushed over the edge when Sat Nav convinced me to get a jersey in the latest ER Jersey buy (they needed the numbers to qualify for buik shipping on 10 or more Jerseys). After getting this Jersey I unleashed a war of emails between the ER and B2Bs as I was seen as a defector, the latest acquisition in the crown jewels of the ER.

4. Tell us about your bikes.

Truth be told I only really have the one bike that I ride which is my Cannondale Carbon Six. I bought this bike just before I joined the ER and since then I have changed over just about everything on the bike (including the frame 6 months in 😉 ). I do have a commuter Kona Dew Deluxe but I have lent this out to people who want to get into cycling as a great starter bike. Its making its way back to me now after being at a friends place for the last 8 months to get him into cycling. The Cannondale is all I can really ask for in a bike. I have done road rides, time trials, touring around France, long distance and commuter rides on this bike and it works for all of these situations and more. As much as I would love N+1 I struggled to maintain 2 bikes when I had the option of riding 2 bikes,so I do have to say I like the idea of being a 1 bike man.

5. If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My favourite place to ride? Sydney of course! But if I could see any where in the world by bike where would I go? I would like to do one of 3 rides Paris – Brest – Paris Audax ride, Ride Across America (great way to see the states) or along the Karakoram highway in China/Pakistan.

6. Tell us a riding story.

There are many good riding stories that I have had over the years – but I must say I have documented most (or nearly all of them) in elaborate detail so there aren’t many surprises here. I guess my most memorable ride was the Thredbo ride from last year which I struggled the whole way out and back. The ride really pushed and tested my limits of what I was capable of. But what I remember the most about it is how the whole group really looked out for me as I was undoubtedly the slowest rider. Darcy (Simba) stuck with me for most of the ride, even though it meant taking him 2- 3 hours longer to complete the ride. This kind of mateship and camaraderie is exactly what the ER is about.

7. Do you have any advice for the riders at the back of the ER peloton?

My advice to the ER at the back of the peleton is to buy a lighter faster bike because that is the only thing holding you back.

Failing that my advice would be

a) Cycling isn’t just a hobby its a way of life. Cycling will consume your free time, your weekends, and your social life. Embrace this as its probably the healthiest addiction there is.
b) To improve on a bike you need to mix it up – if you are struggling to improve then change up the type of cycling or exercise you are doing – that’s what helped me.
c) Cycling is a lot about a mental toughness as much as it is a physical toughness. Completing long and hard bike rides is not necessarily limited by a physical factor rather than mental factor.
d) Ride for fun when you feel like riding. If you don’t feel like riding today they listen to your body! Ride as much as you can whenever you can!

Finally – I am still at the back of the peleton. I am one of the slowest climbers in the group and always have and probably will be, so I am used to going on a big ride and being at the back. Once you can embrace this idea that it’s OK not to be the fastest in the group but instead you enjoy the journey and focus on your achievements and your PR’s then the ride becomes about something internal rather than external.

8. Lastly, tell us something we don’t know about you.

The thing about me that not many people know? I am a certified solo skydiver.


3 Peaks 2014


Halfway through Audax 250km


Kangaroo Valley Training Ride December 2013


Climbing out of Kangaroo Valley



MS Gong Ride November 2013


Top of Mont Semnoz the day after Chris Froome rode his second last stage at this year of the TDF (July 2013)


Top of Col. Madelaine waiting for TDF to come through


Top of Glandon private training ride


Woke up with this bus at my hotel


Half way up Mont Ventoux


Top of Mont Ventoux


Top of Alp D’Huez just before the mountain got shut off


My first triathalon


3 Peaks 2013


Me at my largest in France in July 2012 100 kgs


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