OTP Friday Report

Morning all

Slightly brass out and about this morning but not near enough to dissuade the 7 combatants in the barriers at Gordon.

The only incidents to report were (i) Bucky suffering some form of chain mechanical on Scaramanga, later reported by Crashant as being “the result of poor workmanship”, and (ii) my cappucino being spilt on arrival at the B&T.

Stealth was in his now-typical Friday “off the wall” mood which was enjoyed by all. WBA mentioned still extracting desert sands from places we did not enquire. Schleck suggesting the ER Country Tour in October should take in Wilson’s recent jaunt to Newcastle (thence to the Hunter). Derek’s speech was frozen until consumption of first pot of tea. FM Coops suggesting Wiggins wasn’t actually born in the UK. DT looking the part in the Axel Rose bandanna. Agro sharing his views that the Thpanith banking thector ith thtuffed.

Clyde spotted on the return leg of his BEWDIJ challenge, riding back up Miller Street even though he’s having the day off – 100% hit rate so far, well played mate.

Brownie spotted wheeling the track machine up Market Street in prep for the first installment of Raw Track tonight.

New boy AAAndy making his first recruit after only being with us himself for a fortnight – welcome mat out to (very) new boy Graham.

The Strava 6000m crew will be out in force again at sparrows this Sunday morn – all EOI’s to Stealth.

Coffee consumed in the duplicate and off to the office we sped, well crawled.

The 5.15pm is the only bus running on Friday evenings – Derek suggesting the Groin being the first stop.

Can’t wait to BT’s return to get some quality back in to the ride reports.

Have a good one all.

Mark / Satnav

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SatNav: Lengthy taper 1995 - 2004. Started commuting in London because I didn't like paying rail fares. Returned home to Sydney and figured I still didn't like paying rail fares. A chance meeting at my daughter's baseball put me in touch with the ER's in 2008 and have never looked back (I'm never on the front to do so). Ride daily; haven't commuted by train since. Love it.

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