OTP Thursday roll in

YHC was up with the trucks this morning, bleary eyed and bushy tailed, straight into the Subi for a swift transfer to Gordon…and looking at the traffic it would be business as usual, our holiday is over, ute city, and quarry truck heaven along the double dipper of New Line Road.

Temperatures 17C Pressure Rising, sky ..clear of cloud..sun in your face warm…what more could a cyclo commuter ask for ( well a Peloton of 20 witty, like minded gents in lycra comes to mind but weatherwise ..a perfect morning for a commute into town)

YHC humbly suggests name tags…sort of like fighter pilots who paint their name on the fuselage to ensure the ground crew know who’s aircraft to sabotage..as gathering at the Gordon launch the addled brain could not put names to all the faces..welcome to Newbie Drastic, second or third ride in…doing great on a very old fixed gear MTB..

I counted to 19 as the peloton extended in front of me, being lantern rouge we had a NSW legal group in front, and a few more rolling on along the way probably put us into dubious territory, although with lights and greyhounds arguably we could say it was more than one peloton…yes judge I expect you to believe that..

Heading into the Artarmon park…plenty of foot traffic, and assorted vehicles to provide obstacle practice and opportunities to smile and wave, I wonder if next week after daylight saving kicks in if the crowds are going to be so big. KOM was more an exercise in restraint than the usual hypoxic charge of the lycra brigade, leaving the Burlington burn as a potential gasp fest..however it was too pleasant a day to spoil it with priapic feats of derring do.

B&T was well packed, stacked and racked..no seats available for the latest to arrive, the weather angle of the sun, lack of gale force winds, perfect conditions for a ride into town encouraging the general public to compete with the ER second best way..perhaps we should have an advance party to reserve the forecourt and rearrange the tables a bit before the hoards descend.

A huge 32C forecast for return busses, not much gap between cool weather wear and summer fashions…Bullet where are your people and what are they doing ?

Have a good one all..


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