Doris’s day out on the OTP

Radar said “perfect weather for a ride into town”, and it being “that special day” Doris was in for a good hard ride this morning along the OTP. There were bongo’s drumming and restless natives to contend with, but as Dawn broke over Gordon, a well wrapped impi of ERs in “traffic cone” colours assembled for the off.

A brace of Geese, ( Imagine the goose in stereo )
A bullet
A Satellite
A Stealth,
A pair of Bananas
HB and Daisy
YHC and ( one more who’s ride name escapes this aged brain, If I have missed any more slap me or wear a name badge )
And Comet.

Half and Dragon..accreting at Roseville

Departed into the gathering gloom… temperature cool and getting cooler as we bravely fought the howling southerly..Doris sliding slowly rearward as the hills of death loomed large, it may not look that steep but if you have not had a ride in year or two, any rise feels like mountain, and carrying a little extra weight on the rack is quite noticeable.

All good things come to those who wait so it was good to see the peloton waiting for Doris to wheeze up to Roseville, the Rawhiti sprint section slowing Doris to a waltz back from the cha cha cha along Werona . Luckily Satnav was busy socialising in Lindfield so was still a minute behind allowing YHC to regain normal breathing before rolling on through Chatswood. Archer St is a hill…the dip along Tindale too ..every little wrinkle in the landscape …felt gruesome. KOM ..Doris by a mile ( behind ) was cheered by the Boundary riders enjoying the spectacle I think they thought I was chasing the field that had charged past minutes before ( which of course I was ) .

Regrouping in all the usual places, there was about a dozen to cross the bridge, the temperature was now about half what it was on departure, and a wall of southerly buster to battle before pretending to be enjoying sitting in the freezing cold at the B&T.

Definably.. the second best way to start the day.

Returns booked and paid for a GG debrief departing around the 5 to 5:15 mark..

Have a great day all


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