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What can I say?

Today was a perfect day for me… and so I write the ride report, please see below.

Assembly called in Gordon, and rolled beautifully down the hill, just as I arrived exactly at the jumping off point. Once again the siren call of “No Passing Steel Bikes” was called, and sure enough Bam Bam rolls up and exclaims “I am riding steel” and promptly takes off and leaves me in his dust. I think I am going to change the clarion call to “No passing Red/Yellow (egg and tomato) coloured bikes”. That should fix everyone except DT.

The roll in was great, despite the hard pelting rain through Chatswood and Artarmon… by the time the group arrived at the B&T all was dry for a nice relaxing coffee and chat.

There was a flat in Chatwood (archer st) and a small group collected to have a committee led meeting on how to fix it. They arrived at the B&T only a few minutes behind the group… so could not be too bad….

I’ve been a little scatter brained lately and have lost a couple of things along the way, over the past few weeks. A pair of dress shoes went walkabout 2 weeks ago when I moved my desk back from Market St to Kent St, and a pair of sunglasses went awol about 3 x weeks ago after a stop at the B&T.

Yesterday, the shoes turned up when I checked my old desk drawer in the old building… hooray.

Today my sunnies turned up when Sarah from B&T came running out to give me my sunnies. Apparently, the sunnies slippled out my helmet and landed in the bushes… it was not discovered until a week later when they cleaned the bushes!

The moral of the story… is that if you put enough Love out to the universe, then it seems to reflect itself back to you….

If any of you all wish to reflect Love back to me… I cordially invite you to stand in line, and will get to you as soon as I can.

Look forward to seeing you on the ride home at the usual times…



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