OTP Thursday report, your shout.

Well what a great morning to pedal OTP, a warm 18C on the slopes of Monte Colah and skies 4/8ths fluffy warm weather cumulus. base of 2000ft .visibility 10kms plus, traffic was the only insect in the ointment as it seems lots of people want to travel to town at the appointed hour, mostly in “cars”..an outmoded form of transport which is getting more outmoded by the day.

Bicycles of course are the most efficient vehicle on the planet, ( my one is red ) YHC was awakened early by the cat, somehow it has an uncanny ability to arrive a good 30 mins before the alarm is due..and it then proceeds to purr loudly in my ear and if ignored uses a claw to the cheek ..before i use a back of the hand to ..well you get the picture.. So up before really getting to sleep to enjoy the second best way to start the day. Split between 3 rides..the Flutter, Fluffer, OTP…choices choices..24 odd on the OTP lead out by Chippolini in Cerruti helmet and the open sandles…sartorially leading where angels fear to tread.

Paced to perfection though as the Hills of Death flew by, into the valley of Lindfield and our first “close encounter”…the corner of Balfor St and our habit of checking for traffic, shouting “clearaaaa’ Caused offence to a gentleman standing on the curb, who shouted back..”stop shouting “ .. Thankfully all the regroup points were observed, meaning YHC could recover breath after a short Rawhiti sprint, it is so hard to look cool while gasping for air. All rules and regs seemed to be observed today, OAFATSR, back slapping and rampant high spirits, red lights meant stop, ( ok amber may have meant accelerate to some ) a deliciously long green got us across the Falcon st splitter in one big group..behaviour on the shared user path was exceptional, and the observant among us will notice the grill on the corner of the Artarmon oval has been filled in..we are safer now this little skid mark has been erased.

There is still a confusion around how to approach the turn onto Willoughby Rd..YHC prefers to use the pavement and make the turn from the side road, as crossing the central barrier is fraught, and going around the lights is asking for trouble ..easier though it might be, the 15 seconds difference is not really worth it. Burlington burn was being monitored by the local Cops, so YHC had to restrain the pace to ensure not exceeding the speed limit..no records no strava gongs, just a nice cruise up, and if anyone asks we never race on the road.

Another great ride finished with a caffeine hit or two at the B&T…business was booming as the waves of ER crashed in..round of applause for the fluffers, lead by founders and keepers as the magic happened again..converting a commute into a life changing experience. Busses for all points north by all routes are rumoured to be running to schedule..confirmations please on the www.sydney-easy-riders.com.au calendar..you know you want to.

Have a great one all BT

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