Return to the OTP

Shocked into consciousness in the predawn ( dead of night ) by England’s finest dawn chorus recorded in high def and featuring the warbles and trills of birds that can sing although nothing that can compare to the belly laugh you get from the locals. YHC was still not quite ready to roll at the appointed hour so instigated plan b which involves driving to Fox valley rd and piling out in time to meet the true hard men of the north.

Clear skies meant the temperature has normalised to a seasonal 15C which now feels like 10C due to thinning blood and being spoiled by a late blast of summer. Perfect weather to roll into town.

A gentlemanly transfer to Gordon led by a gentleman, Teflon making the early running and arriving at the stroke of 6:30. Trained observers of the traffic would notice that tonnage was back to its normal but manners were still on holiday, the chief offender YHC was aware of was a Postal juggernaut undecided as to the lane so using half of ours.

Gordon launch was filling fast, it seems the good seats were already filled, but plenty of space along the path and up the road, and well wrapped in the latest winter fashions, not quite time to break the seal on the Rapha jacket bag, but like an advent calendar it won’t be long now. Chit chat pace was the preferred option this morning, BOF on time, plenty of gossip time as YHC slipped from caning the front to lantern rouge, no slips, slops or slaps to report, all seemed to enjoy the 4 day format for a weekend, time to ride , socialise, catch up on sleep, lawn mowing.. all the pleasures of life and now the second best way to start the day.

A red letter day today… It has been a long time coming, and not for everyone but by the grace of the fat controller most of the bunch managed to turn onto Archer Street and then not have to put a foot down until the Mowbray road..the last time this happened the moon was blue and the captain was on the ride. ( Our fearless leader was on the ride today but was inspecting fluffers and flutterers , ensuring they arrived unshaken or stirred )

Regrouped at Tindale to count more than 25 riders, mean rather than average, soon to be a critical ( well not too critical ) mass..

SUP etiquette was observed, with plenty of hazard calling and safety being well managed, the more the merrier, and the merrier the more important it is to make that section “easy” and safe..

A simmer up the Burlington burn, to roll through to the SHB in very good time, more green lights and fewer buses please, but no complaints with today’s serve..and a beautiful harbour crossing in the first hour of need to be canned in a car or jammed in could call me biased but today was not a day to be missed.

And of course the B&T pulled out all stoppers and poured for the masses in double quick time..33 on a loose count milling about the courtyard scaring away the other customers..

Daylight saving is rapidly drawing to a close, making the return ride in daylight something to be savoured, YHC will be slipping the surly bonds of the city on the OTP 5:15 but there are many more to choose from: Flamby, PWR, gaining in popularity of late, tickets all still on sale.

Have a great day all


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