Saturday Spin

Who: Blue Stratos, Pink Stratos, Simon, Simon’s Brother Paul, Magoo, Fore

Where: St Ives > Allambie Rd > Manly > North Head > Reverse Fluffer > Church Point > Akuna > St Ives

After the fun we had last Saturday with the Easter Ride, and given I had a whole lot of Strava segments I needed to do for the second time, it was decided that the Manly/Church Pt ride should be held again this morning, afresh with some new faces and new challenges.

Challenge # 1: Getting there on time.

I was 10mins early! Simon and Paul rolled in soon after, followed by Fore. We rolled down Mona Vale Rd to the Wildstratos Gardens to meet the Tandem, only to find Blue had shot back home to grab extra rain gear. But we happily waited in the rain with Pink because that’s the type of people we are. Blue wasn’t far off. Did I mention I was early?

Challenge # 2: Keeping up with the Tandem.

I am very pleased to have accompanied the tandem on its longest ride ever! True to form, Stratos2  flew past us on the descents and flats. Proving that 4 legs are better than 2, it also managed its way up that hill in Manly (leading up to the hospital, conveniently perhaps) and up McCarrs Creek road. People all over the Northern Beaches were fascinated.

Challenge # 3: Staying Dry.

As luck always has it, after 2mins of rolling, it bucketed. Fore’s gilet went a little see-through. But the rain passed and we managed to get all the way to Narrabeen without it raining again. A little shower was not enough to wash away our enthusiasm (and desire for coffee), and by the time we were drinking said coffee at Church Point, the sun was out. Considering the weather recently and the forecast, I think we did well to stay as dry as we did.

Challenge # 4: Allambie Rd

Alex loves to join our rides, but only “fore” a while (HAHA DAD JOKE!). We said our goodbyes at the bottom of Allambie, when he proceeded to turn around and climb right back up. Respect bro and we do love the way you drop in J

 Challenge # 5: Finding a Bandicoot.

Despite the 17 road signs stating that I should watch for Bandicoots, I still haven’t seen one at North Head. Not even a dead one. Maybe next time. However we did find out that the Stratos Backyard has lots of them. Did you know Bandicoots carry ticks and that if you have free range chickens, they will eat the ticks and your cat or dog is 90% less likely to get a tick? True story.


 Challenge # 6: Pancakes and Chicken Nuggets

“Sorry, your pancakes are coming, they are just in the oven.”

Excuse me? What? Who makes pancakes in the oven??!

But they looked pretty damn nice when they finally did come (food envy) and watching Blue and Pink share them, ala Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti, was very cute.

Also – if you see Simon or Paul reach into their jersey pockets for chicken nuggets, don’t question it. Just get ready for them to take off at great speed.


Challenge # ₓⁿ : The Phenomenon that is the “Magoo”

I didn’t crash or have an OHS defined “Near Miss”! But I did decide that I wanted to flog myself up Akuna while the others shot back home to pre-existing commitments. After parting ways, I was enjoying some good old Briony time until half way up the Reverse Akuna climb I hear the familiar (that’s just sad) sound of my rear deflating (haha that’s what happened to it! SNAP). Upon closer inspection I found a small stone had taken upon itself to infiltrate my tyre through an existing hole, like James Bond sneaking into a snowed under castle in the alps and anonymously breezing through the party of an evil Russian multimillionaire.

Because I’m awesome I fixed it, but my canister-valve-connecting-thing isn’t as awesome as me and I headed off for another 2km with a half-inflated tyre after it spewed more co2 on the valve than in the tube. Resorting to damsel in distress tactics, I flagged down another cyclist (quite a good looking one actually – WIN) who topped me up. Good to go. Until another sound starts to bother me. My rear wheel wasn’t spinning freely, but my brakes were not rubbing. After taking off the wheel completely I managed to magically fix it, but covered myself in grease in the process. I even somehow had a grease moustache.


Awesome ride all in all. If you haven’t done it, you need to.

Hit me up, yo.


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