Report of the FondlERs

Just the 23 ERs amassed in the barriers this morning for the inaugural running of the FondlERs. Various routes on offer thanks to Fore’s detailed route guidance – something for everyone was the promise, and something near 30kmh average the target.

A smooth take off with everyone falling into stride nicely……difficult to get a word in edgeways amidst the chatter…..Dopey got the only mechanical of the day out of the way early along Windsor Road, rumours confirmed that he does in fact travel with the kitchen sink under his saddle.

Whilst most FondlERs had done the Pitt Town route before, unchartered territory for many as we continued along past the Halcrows turn to Maroota where we bid farewell to Murray, thence onto Wisemans taking great care on the descent following Graeme’s valuable guidance during the week. It really is a great road surface along that stretch up to the descent, smooth, quiet, gently uphill….loovely.

Decision time for some at Wisemans – Boolay, Rom, Sam…..being the point of no return for the remaining 120km…..all grabbed the chance and soldiered on manfully, we’ll done guys, what it’s all about. We bid farewell to our brethren on limited leave passes as they turned to head back up the hill towards home, nice one guys.

Our social media tarts set to work with photos of the ferry….the ferryman (who wasn’t paid)….Nicho flirted with near disaster as he climbed aboard…..thankfully all well.

The next 40km skirting the northern edge of the river met expectations in being rough as guts. Another testament here to the ER brother and sisterhood…..calls left, right and centre by all, down the line clear and crisp meant not a puncture, broken spoke or busted rim to be reported. Great work all.

Thence Mangrove Mountain, Magoo spruiking Finchie, Rob CD as the three set off apace…..soon to be joined by Nicko, too big, too strong, great ride all, onwards to the Peats Ridge regathering through a few undulations but noted as not being Drastique Undulations (now a defined term in ER folklore).

Mercury starting to rise and cramps starting to hit a few….best to find out now guys, well done working through them and getting home notwithstanding. Here starteth a string of guidance re what to do about them…..

Three groups formed across the remaining 60km back home….brief stop at PITS for a refill, onwards for some direct home, some via Bobbo for a brief regathering at the North Turra Caff.

Strava suggests a morning of excel for everyone, PRs scattered with gay, ok reckless, abandon….the PRs you won’t read about are the longest ride at highest ave, longest highest ave heart rate etc etc.

Kudos to all, many thanks for a great day out. Suspect this may be a permanent fixture in the Spring Classic calendar.

Mark / Satnav

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SatNav: Lengthy taper 1995 - 2004. Started commuting in London because I didn't like paying rail fares. Returned home to Sydney and figured I still didn't like paying rail fares. A chance meeting at my daughter's baseball put me in touch with the ER's in 2008 and have never looked back (I'm never on the front to do so). Ride daily; haven't commuted by train since. Love it.

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